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For Parents

Why Study Abroad?

  • The world suddenly seems smaller and tightly interconnected and our students will be expected to function as professionals in the new global economy.
  • A study abroad experience transforms our students in every way:  intellectually, personally, and professionally.
  • Leaving home and venturing forth to another country empowers a young person and triggers a spurt of personal growth and self confidence.
  • A study abroad experience can  greatly strengthen the resume, for employers interpret the study abroad experience as a sure sign that a person takes on challenges and can function in a wide range of situations.


What’s your role as a parent?

  • Become informed about your student’s program of choice.  A wonderful resource is this national student abroad handbook containing an almost exhaustive checklist guiding your analysis.
  • Encourage your student, guide your student, but do NOT do their preparatory work for them. Their attention to the necessary details involved in studying abroad is a vital part of their growth and is essential to a successful study abroad experience.
  • Attend the formal pre-departure orientation that the Office of International Programs runs for all students.  All parents will receive an invitation. Your student will have the schedule for this Orientation in their package of information. But whether or not you can attend the Orientation, never hesitate to call in. We welcome your questions and concerns.
  • Consider visiting your student – the second half of the semester is a great time to go. By this time, students are settled in, comfortable with their surroundings, and knowledgeable guides. Having your son or daughter proudly act as your guide is a great moment as a parent.


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