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Spring Break Away 2017 - Spain

Course: HIST 174 Sacred Places:  Faith, History, and Geography

[satisfies Core Theme Area:  Faith and Reason]

Gaudi Park

In this course, students will study how cultures construct sacred places and how these sacred places can be examined to understand religion as a cultural expression. We will study the various historical forces that contributed to an interesting range of sacred sites in Spain. Geographical forms of sacred space reflect the identity and worldview of adherents.

Our travels will take us to Spain where we will experience a modern city, a religious pilgrimage and a capital city. Beginning in Barcelona, we visit Gaudi's modern vision of a cathedral at "La Sagrada Familia" as well as historic and sacred Montserrat, where the patron of Catalonia, the Black Virgin, resides. From Barcelona, we will join a portion of El Camino de Santiago, (St. James' trail) where, since the 9th century, religious pilgrims have walked. We make two more stops along the trail at Pamplona and Burgos Cathedral, a UNESCO site. Then, we head south to Madrid, Spain's vibrant and cosmopolitan capital city since 1561 to enjoy amazing art, music and food. Our study tour of sacred places in Spain will end in the picturesque medieval city of Toledo, famous for its stunning blend of Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures.


Professor: Dr. Carolyn Trimarchi and

Dr. Jean Anne Hattler

Prerequisites: The course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: See Dr. Trimarchi, 603 College Hall or

Dr. Hattler, 601 Union

Class Time: T/TH 3:05-4:15p

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