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Tuition Remission

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Duquesne University personnel and eligible relatives must submit the completed application to Human Resources.  The 2014-2015 form only requires the supervisor signature if the employee is taking classes during work hours.

2014-2015 Tuition Remission Application

Deadline Dates

All tuition remission forms must be completed (with estimated credits per term) and received by the Human Resources Office by the following dates:

Forms not submitted by deadline are subject to a 5% benefit reduction.


  • Fall 2014 - August 25, 2014
  • Spring 2015 - January 8, 2015
  • Summer 2015 - May 11, 2015

1st Degree

1st Degree

Employee's full-time employment START DATE IS PRIOR to July 1, 2010:

Full-time faculty and staff: 100% basic tuition remission

Faculty Eligible Dependents: 100% basic tuition remission

Staff Eligible Dependents: 50% basic tuition remission during first year of employment and 100% basic tuition remission during second and subsequent years of employment


Employee's full-time employment START DATE IS AFTER July 1, 2010:

Full-time faculty, staff and eligible dependents:

  • Less than 1 year of service - 50% basic tuition remission
  • 1 year, but less than 2 years service - 75% basic tuition remission
  • 2 years or more of service - 100% basic tuition remission
2nd Degree

2nd Degree

Employee's full-time employment START DATE IS PRIOR to July 1, 2010:

Full-time faculty, staff, and eligible dependents: 40% basic tuition remission


Employee's full-time employment START DATE IS AFTER July 1, 2010:

Full-time faculty and staff: 40% basic tuition remission

Faculty and staff eligible dependents: Not eligible


Part-Time employees

All part time-faculty, nursing staff of the Health Services Department, part-time head coaches* and first assistant coaching staff* are eligible for a one half basic tuition remission for studies pursued at Duquesne University while the employee is actively employed.

*Part time head coaches and first assistant coaches are those coaching intercollegiate sports who have the primary responsibility for coaching a team(s) or activity for one or more complete seasons of intercollegiate competition and who are paid by the University. 

Graduate Taxation

Graduate Taxation

Employee, Spouse, and Dependent child:

  • Internal Revenue Service regulations state that the value of graduate tuition remission received by employees over $5,250 per calendar year is subject to Federal Income and Social Security withholding taxes.
  • The value of all graduate tuition remission received by spouses and dependents is also subject to taxes.
  • The University will withhold applicable taxes based upon the value of graduate tuition remission received by an employee and/or their dependent over the pay periods in the semester for which the graduate tuition remission is received.
  • Refer to TAP No. 13 at Human Resources for additional information.
Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances Benefits

Available for eligible relatives or employees who are deceased, disabled, or retired are extended or continued in accordance with University policy. This information may be obtained through the Office of Human Resource Management

Termination of Benefits

Termination of Benefits

In the event of termination of service with the University while the terminating individual or a spouse or eligible dependent children are enrolled for courses, tuition benefits will not continue beyond the last day of work. At this point, benefits will be prorated based on the Federal Pro-Rata Refund Policy (up to 60% completion of the term.)

More Info

Additional Information

  • This benefit is intended to provide tuition remission benefits only to the extent required to cover direct cost of basic tuition.
  • Tuition remission recipients shall not receive University controlled gift aid, such as need-based grants, endowed funds, scholarships, etc., greater than the amount required for their direct costs. (Tuition, fees room and board for on-campus undergraduate students; Tuition and fees for graduate students.)
  • All employees are limited to nine (9) credits per term at basic tuition credit rates. Employees enrolled in the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement may enroll for twelve (12) credits per semester, under the two terms per semester schedule in the fall and spring.
  • Employees eligible for second degree coverage will be limited to one 40% basic tuition or rate of school of enrollment, whichever is LOWER, for ALL students. Students enrolled in the sixth year of the PharmD program are considered second degree and applicable tuition remission benefit will apply.