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Graduate Assistantships and Employment

New Job Posting Template (for Schools/Departments who want to post a graduate position)

A limited number of graduate job opportunities are assigned by individual schools and departments on a competitive basis. Full-time students will assist with faculty research, tutoring and administrative tasks. Graduate assistants may receive a stipend (that varies from program to program) and often a partial or full tuition scholarship.  Please be advised that University policy does not permit us to hire a student who may already be employed in any other capacity at the University.

Grad students who qualify may apply for federal work-study positions on campus, or take on part-time, off-campus employment opportunities in Pittsburgh.

Check back often for additional  job postings.

Please check back often for new postings.

Position Title:  Graduate Research Assistant

Start Date: Fall 2016

Dept./School: Department of Instruction and Leadership in Education

Type of Position:  Hourly plus Tuition

Job Requirements: Some experience with quantitative and/or qualitative research methods. Duties will include assisting the professor with their research agenda (i.e. reviewing articles, transcription, collecting statistical and/or qualitative data, co-writing manuscripts, and other duties as assigned).

Contact Person: Kristy Mullen

Contact Phone: 412.396.4779

Contact Email: mullenk2@duq.edu

Additional information:  If you are interested in applying for a graduate assistantship submit the following items IN ONE PACKAGE:

1. A letter of interest explaining how an assistantship will help you in completing your educational goals and the reason you wish to work specifically within DILE.
2. Resume, including your research skills and experience and/or research courses you may have taken previously.
3. Two letters of recommendation from professionals familiar with your work and education.
* *Please address letters to Dr. Jason Margolis.
4. Name of faculty member who you are interested in working with (if you have one pre­ identified), with a detailed explanation of how your skills match their research.
5. Applications are due April 29, 2016.

Graduate Assistant positions include tuition and/or a stipend. Your application will be reviewed to determine how your strengths fit the needs of the faculty member and/or the department.