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Accepted Students: Your Next Steps

2014 Accepted Students
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Congratulations on being accepted to Duquesne University!  

There are now several steps to focus on. Please take a look at the below information and links to assist you with the process.

Our office serves as a resource for all international students. Please read the below information to make sure it applies to you.  

Graduate students: Consult your acceptance letters for additional requirements and instructions.



STEP ONE: Receiving your Acceptance and Immigration Packet

Once you are accepted to the university, you will receive a full packet of information regarding the enrollment and the immigration process.
  • Submit your immigration (financial guarantee documents) to the International Student Advisor.
  • Once your I-20 is ready, she will ask you whether you would like the I-20 packet sent by First Class mail (no charge) or by UPS Expedited Mail (there is a charge for this service). If you do not reply to this email within 3 days, your I-20 will be sent by First Class mail (slower).

STEP TWO: Make sure Duquesne University is the right fit for you!

  • Research: Read through your acceptance packet information and the website. Explore our extra-curricular activities, life on campus, international student organizations, and more. 
  • Cultural Ambassador: Upon acceptance you should be automatically assigned to a Cultural Ambassador - a fellow student that can answer your questions from an honest perspective!
  • Ask Questions:  If you have any questions at all about Duquesne University,  contact the Office of International Programs and we will gladly help you.

STEP THREE: Apply for your student visa (if applicable)

  • Visit our immigration information page for your next steps. 
  • For any questions regarding your I-20, student visa, or immigration status, email Michele Janosko (janosko@duq.edu)

STEP FOUR: Confirm your attendance at Duquesne


  • It is extremely important that you confirm your intentions to attend Duquesne University in a timely manner. We cannot guarantee your space in class or in a residence hall until you commit to Duquesne. 
  • Health Sciences majors in particular should confirm attendance before May 1st, as the program has limited space.
There are 2 ways to confirm your attendance:
  • 1) Pay a $500 deposit to the University (this will be deducted from your first semester's tuition). You can pay this online or through the postal mail
  • 2) If you are unable to pay the $500 deposit, you can fill out the attendance form on our website. We will manually update your file to reflect that you are "confirmed".
    After confirming your attendance, if you wish to live on campus it is extremely important to return your housing contract to the Office of Residence Life immediately.
    • No further deposit is needed for housing. Even if you formally confirm your attendance to the Office of International Programs, you must return your housing contract to Residence Life in order to be given a room assignment. Students who do not do this in a timely manner cannot be guaranteed housing accommodations.

    STEP FIVE: Decide on your accommodation choice and arrival times

    • Visit our Accommodation page for some more information. Undergraduate students live on campus and Graduate students live off campus. Be sure to follow the process to ensure that you have a room waiting for you when you arrive!
    • For the Fall semester,  temporary accommodation can be given to students who arrive early for International orientation.  Use our Arrival and Housing form to notify us of your arrival date to campus.   
    • Once you buy your plane tickets, decide how you wish to arrive on campus.  Fall students: Go to the Airport Pickups page to request a volunteer to meet you at the airport (dependant upon availability).

    STEP SIX:  Connect with other students and get ready!

    • Join our Facebook pages for incoming international students,  join your department/major's Facebook page,  and start connecting with the new students coming to Duquesne!   Click here to join our FALL 2013 Facebook page.
    • All international students arrive early on campus to attend a International Student Orientation!   When you complete the Arrival and Housing Form, you will be automatically signed up for this mandatory orientation. If you are unable to attend, please email Anna Harrison as soon as possible.
    • Try to set up your MultiPass account which will give you access to your DUQ email and put you on the list for important University updates.  You will need a temporary Social Security number and Duquesne ID number,  both of which should be included in your acceptance letter.  You can contact our office if you need this information or if you need help setting up your MultiPass account.  

    STEP SEVEN: Health Insurance and Health Services

    • Please view the International Student Health Requirements information to walk you through the necessary requirements for Duquesne students.  You may also find a translation of these instructions in Arabic and Chinese.  
    •  It is a requirement of the University that all students have health insurance.  If you do not have your own health insurance,  you will be billed for the University's insurance.  Purchase a policy through the university when you arrive or use your own policy if it follows the guidelines outlined in point 2 of the Next Steps brochure.  You can also find out more information about this process by visiting the Risk Management website.