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Housing in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Pittsburgh is home to over 60,000 students, which makes for a vibrant and diverse city in which to live and study.

Students usually choose to rent one apartment or share an apartment with other students. Some of their favorite neighborhoods are:


 - 15 minute walk from Duquesne
- Lively, young area, particularly popular to the undergraduate student population.
Renting in the Southside
Southside photos and information


- 10 minute bus ride from Duquesne
- Home to the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University
- Thriving with students and is a popular, reasonably priced area to live
Renting in Oakland
Oakland photos and information

Squirrell Hill and Shadyside
Both a 15minute bus ride from campus and walking distance from each other
- Popular with students, families and young professionals
- Particularly popular with CMU and University of Pittsburgh students
- Both areas have a pretty main street with bars, restaurants and boutique shops
- Cost of rent may be slightly more expensive than in Oakland or Southside
Shadyside and Squirrell Hill Photos and Information

10 minute walk from Shadyside and a 15 minute bus ride from Duquesne.
The Italian area of Pittsburgh
- Main street is filled with bakeries, Italian-American restaurants, delicatessens and local bars
- Cost of rent is quite reasonable

Bloomfield Photos and Information

East Liberty
"Up-and-Coming" area.
-  15-20 minute bus ride from Duquesne and a 5 minute walk from Shadyside
- Home to some of the cities best grocery stores: Giant Eagle Market District, Trader Joe's and Wholefoods.
- Bookstores, coffee shops and ethnic restaurants are constantly opening, to make this area an exciting place to live
- Cost of rent is quite reasonable