Don Accamando

Director, Office of Military and Veteran Students
703 Libermann Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Phone: 412.396.5366
Fax: 412.396.5072

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Veteran and Military Services

Message from the Director

Don-AccamandoDuquesne University enjoys a proud tradition of serving veterans. A commonly used phrase at Duquesne will resonate with military members and their families - service to others.  We proclaim that Duquesne University offers an education of the mind, heart and spirit, and we serve God by serving others. Sound familiar?

This website is designed to help veterans, military personnel and their families locate the specific information, people and resources that will support your success at Duquesne University.

We are proud of the team of veteran service providers we have assembled, and we are eager to assist you with questions you might have about joining us as a student.

I invite you to spend some time researching, and when questions come up, send me an email. As the representative for all things military at Duquesne, and a retired Air Force veteran, I look forward to meeting you.

Don Accamando
Director, Office for Military and Veteran Students / 412.396.5366

"At Duquesne, we have a dedicated team that offers personalized service to each of the approximately 350 military and veteran students, ensuring a smooth transition from your first inquiry, through the application and registration process and throughout your time as a student.

The concept of others before self has served as our motto while we were in. Now it's time to place yourself first. Take the first step and inquire, then let us serve you."
-- Don Accamando, Director, Office for Military and Veteran Students