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Carol Caruthers, A'71

Grateful for Duquesne

Carol Caruthers


My four years as an undergraduate student at Duquesne were the best years of my life. I made so many good friends, many of whom are people with whom I still am in contact. I attended Duquesne on a full University Competitive Scholarship, which meant that my only 'job', as it were, was to be a good student and to keep up a required grade point average. Doing this was a real joy, as I truly cared about the academic matters that were presented to me. I had several Professors who deeply touched my Duquesne education and to whom I am extremely indebted: mathematics professors Dr. Robert McDermott, Dr. Charles Loch, and Professor Donato DeFelice, U. S. History Professor Dr. Joseph Morice, Dean of Students Dr. Helena Miller, and Theology Professor Fr. William Murnion. I WANTED to be a good student for these individuals because they were such fine teachers and scholars.

As far as 'student activities' went, I was the Copy Editor of The Duquesne Bag - a sort of protest literary magazine of the time. It wasn't horrible or too outrageous, just the right touch of the late Sixties. And I was elected to the position of Recording Secretary of the Women's Residents' Council by - of course - the Women Residents. Since I attended Duquesne at such a critical time, I was a member of The Third Alternative and as a part of that effort, I had the privilege of having a personal meeting with Fr. Mac - at which time he heard my Confession. Duquesne has stayed with me and echoed throughout my later life. I have as well met and broken bread with President Dougherty.

Today I can claim to have been a [volunteer] Recording Secretary of the Waterford Twp, NJ, Republican Club, and the [volunteer] Recording Secretary of the Township Environmental Commission. And I have had a full career as a pension actuary - which culminated with my work in Social Security and as a member of the Council of Delegates [like a Board of Directors] of the Catholic Holy Family Society in Joliet, IL. I wrote an op-ed column and political Blog for my regional newspaper over the period from 1993 to 2011. I am a 'guard' of the Blessed Sacrament at Weekly Adoration and a [volunteer] member of the Parish Ladies' Prayer Quilt Ministry.

Duquesne University is always in my prayers, and the Spiritan tradition has stayed with me throughout the years. The Lord said - "When you do something that is good for someone, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Then your Father in Heaven will see what you have done and He will reward you." I have had the chance to do good for so many individuals in my lifetime . . . prayerful people who needed help from someone. It is a good feeling to do that quietly. I am not a public leader of people. I have spent my life as a quiet giver and more than once I have had my comeuppance from those same prayerful people who really needed help from somewhere. Life can be humbling - which is another reason not to talk too loudly. Thank God for Duquesne!!!