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Understanding Sexuality Human sexuality can be fully understood as a gift only if it is discussed within the broader understanding of the sacredness of the human body.
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Compliance/Title IX and Sexual Integrity

We encourage you to reflect on your attitudes toward relationships and sexual behaviors.

Your knowledge regarding sexual integrity is very important. You should know:

Office of the Title IX Coordinator

For additional information regarding sexual misconduct policies and ways to get involved to help eliminate sexual misconduct, take a look at the Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct site.

Student Health Service

Duquesne University Student Health Service develops programs and provides services to assist students in achieving and maintaining optimal physical and psychological well-being.

This promotes their success as students and as members of society, enabling them to live the mission of Duquesne University. We encourage a lifestyle that promotes chaste relationships, as a way to balance physical pleasures and spiritual fulfillment.