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Faith Alive

Faith Alive is a faith sharing discussion group that explores and ponders the Catholic faith. Faith Alive is "going on the road," to an LLC close to you.

Faith Alive Retreat Photo

How do I keep my Faith Alive?

  • How can I live the Gospel Message?
  • How does Catholic tradition influence my faith?
  • How can I integrate my lived experience with my faith?

    An Active Community

    Faith Alive is a community of students who gather to discover and rediscover their Catholic Faith by...

    • ...asking the big questons that essential to life.
    • ...looking at different aspects of Church tradition and Scripture.
    • ...reflecting on and seeking a greater understanding of the human person and the Divine.
    • ...discussing faith as young people in today's world.

      Sample Discussion Topic

      Jesus and Miracles

      According the Catechism of the Catholic Church Miracles are signs of the kingdom of God. "The signs worked by Jesus attest that the Father has sent him. They invite belief in him "So miracles strengthen faith in the One who does his Father's works." (#548) Proving that Miracles happened in the bible exactly as they were described by the gospel writers could be a difficult task today. But, for the people of first century Palestine, they were not concerned with the factual elements of the miracles, but what it symbolized. Miracles were "signs and wonders" attributed to God. The writers of the gospels were conveying to their communities through the miracle stories that Jesus was the embodiment of the Kingdom of God.

      How do the miracles stories of the gospels help our faith become more alive?

      The miracle stories offer us a charge in that Jesus not only proclaimed the kingdom of God he acted in a way that showed the kingdom of God on earth. We may look to the miracle stories with "wonder", but at the same time we must see them as a call to discipleship. The stories are showing us how to be Faith-filled caregivers to the world as a sign of the Kingdom of God.

      Fall Semester

      Discussion Topics:  Exploring Vatican II

      August 24th Intro to Vatican II
      August 3st
      Greatest Story Never Told
      September 7th Labor Day
      September 14th The Body of Christ
      September 21st The Universal Call to Holiness
      September 28th
      Dinner and Big Question Night
      October 12th
      Decree Missionary Activity
      October 19th
      Decree on Ecumenism and Religious Freedom
      October 26th
      Dinner and Big Question Night
      ~ Email Big Questions to walshmj@duq.edu

      November 2nd Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy I
      November 9th Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy II
      November 16th Apostolate of the Laity
      November 23rd Mock Vatican III
      November 30th Vocations
      December 7th Dinner and Big Question Night followed by Vigil Mass together
      ~ Email big questions to walshmj@duq.edu

      Spring Semester

      Discussion Topics:  Dinner and Big Question Night  ~  Email Big Questions to walshmj@duq.edu

      January 14th In the Spiritan Campus Ministry Center
      January 28th Des Places LLC

      February 25th
      St. Martin LLC
      March 18th
      Location TBA
      April 5th In the Spiritan Campus Ministry Center