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The Student Government Association consists of five general committees to target specific organization and student needs.  The following committees have open meetings that students may attend to address student concerns or just to get some information about what is going on around campus. Check out our calendar to see scheduled committee meetings.

Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee is responsible for overseeing the SGA's dealings with matters of student life including: healthcare, housing, nutrition, parking and general concerns of the students which are not within the authority of another Standing Committee. This committee shall also conduct the philanthropic acts of the SGA and handle the publication of SGA events, meetings, and services. 

This years Student Life Committee Chair is Kallie Crawford. To contact her, her email address is crawfordk@duq.edu

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the appropriation of SGA funds to organizations through conferences, office supplies, or other special item appropriations as deemed appropriate.  They also monitor and review the budget of the SGA and make recommendations to the VP of Finance and the Senate regarding the creation and execution of the budget.

This years Finance Committee Chair is Tyler McCardell. To contact him, his email address is mccardellt@duq.edu

Government Operations Committee

The Government Operations Committee oversees the legislative processes of the Senate and student-run elections, and initiate all legislation concerning the Constitution and Bylaws of the SGA in addition to the Election Code. This Committee is also responsible for any Executive Agency dealing with legislation concerning the SGA Budget and the collection of SGA revenues from the Student Body, except when such revenues are collected directly from organizations. 

This years Government Operations Committee Chair is Tyler Siminski. To contact him, his email address is siminskit@duq.edu

Organization Oversight Committee

The Organization Oversight Committee manages legislation concerning organizations, including but not limited to the granting or revoking of recognition, University policies and rules that directly implicate organizations, and the collection of SGA revenues from organizations. 

This years Organization Oversight Committee Chair is Michael Rand. To contact him, his email address is randm@duq.edu

Communications & Public Relations Committee

The Communications and Public Relations Committee shall oversee any Executive or Executive Agency dealing with communications within the SGA, or outgoing communications from the SGA to the student body, student organizations, university administration, and general public. This committee should also initiate legislation regarding public relations actions, including, but not limited to establishing an SGA newsletter, writing pamphlets, and oversee SGA’s recruitment efforts with the Vice President of Communications. 

This years Communications & Public Relations Committee Chair is Darian Reynolds. To contact him, his email address is reynold7@duq.edu