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Posting Jobs and Internships

New users must first register with DuqConnection and create an account within the Duquesne University employer database.  Once an employer is a registered user in DuqConnection, they will be able to post jobs and internships to Duquesne University students and alumni.

Post a job or internship opportunity
  • Login to DuqConnection
  • Enter your username and password, click “Login”.
  • Click on “Jobs”, then click “Create a new job”
  • Fill in all required fields, click “Save”

All jobs and internships are marked as “pending” until approved by Career Services.  During the approval process, which typically takes 24 hours, Career Services sets the apply dates.  Unless specified otherwise the apply end date will be 30 days from the date it was posted.  If you need to close a job early or extend a deadline, please contact careerservices@duq.edu to let us know.

The Quick Start Guide will provide you with additional information on getting started in DuqConnection.

Employers who are unable to post their jobs or internships through DuqConnection, may send these openings to careerservices@duq.edu following this format:  include complete contact information (Employer name, Contact person, Email address, and Mailing address) and a detailed job description.  Career Services will post these opportunities as quickly as possible, but you should expect the process to take 3-5  business days.

We follow guidelines suggested by the National Association of Colleges and Employers specific to Third Party Recruiters. If you are a third party recruiter, please refer to our Third Party Recruiter Policy.