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    Types of Interviews

    Screening Interviews

    Employers use screening interviews to determine if there might be a match between the candidate and the position.  Generally they will not make a hiring decision based upon the screening interview but will narrow the candidate pool to the top candidates for a more in-depth, on-site interview.  The typical screening interview lasts 30 to 60 minutes and may be over the phone or in person.

          Screening interview format:

    • Welcome and introductions
    • Small Talk
    • Interviewer describes company and job
    • Questions from the interviewer
    • Questions from the candidate
    • Closing
    Telephone Interviews

    Phone interviews are often conducted:

    • When it is not convenient for the employer and candidate to meet in person
    • When there is a large applicant pool and the employer wants to narrow the field before on-site interviews

    The employer typically arranges the time with the candidate and places the call.  Prepare for the phone interview as you would for an in-person screening interview but follow these additional tips for success.

    On-site Interviews/Second Interviews

    Congratulations!  You made it through the screening interview and are now in the list of top candidates for the position.  The on-site or second interview will generally result in a job offer to one of the candidates so it is essential to be prepared.

          On-site interviews:

    • Tend to be significantly longer than screening interviews, from several hours to an entire day, depending upon the level of the position
    • May include tours of the facility and dining with company representatives
    • Will probably include meeting a variety of individuals such as supervisors, colleagues, and support staff.  Remember to consider everyone you meet as a potential evaluator!
    These tips for an on-site interview will help you prepare.