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    Public Relations/Advertising

    The study of public relations/advertising prepares students to be effective and ethical communicators in a variety of media.

    Sharon shares how she got started and why she loves this field.

    Career Fields

    Account management

    • Advertising agencies client services: general or specialty
    • Brand manager for corporate advertising department
    • Marketing and consulting companies
    • Smaller agencies or freelance/self-employed: multiple roles
    • Website marketing director

    Strategies: Intern in several diverse agencies; develop a portfolio; join and take leadership in student professional organizations such as Duquesne Advertising Club and PRSSA; consider a certificate in Business; get experience in sales working at the Duke or local radio station; learn to manage multiple priorities and deadlines.

    Creative Services

    • Art Director for an agency
    • Creative director in an agency or marketing firm
    • Copywriter
    • Research and development
    • Web design
    • Graphic design

    Strategies: Develop art and design skills; intern in the creative services departments of several diverse agencies; develop a strong portfolio of writing, graphics and ideas; join student professional organizations such as Advertising Club and PRSSA; volunteer to develop materials for community and non-profit organizations; work with college magazines, radio and TV; learn to sell your ideas and take feedback and criticism; take a technical writing course.


    • Advertising/sales departments of newspapers and magazines
    • Website advertising departments of companies
    • TV and radio sales departments
    • Internet marketers
    • Direct marketing to customers via mail, email, radio, and TV
    • Government agency publicity and media affairs

    Strategies: Write for the Duquesne Duke or Duke TV; get experience in media sales working at the Duke or local radio station; intern with local media including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines; develop excellent communication and negotiation skills; build confidence and assertiveness; cultivate high energy and motivation; join and take leadership roles in student organizations.

    Public Relations

    • Various roles in a public relations firm
    • Risk and crisis communication for a company or organization
    • Media director for legislative representative or political campaign
    • Fundraising for non-profits and educational institutions
    • Labor relations in corporation
    • Consumer affairs departments of government agencies
    • Event planning and promotions

    Strategies: Intern with PR and Ad agencies; write copy for promotions and PR of student organizations; get involved in event planning for student groups and a community volunteer; develop excellent communication and diplomatic skills; be willing to work under  pressure and at unscheduled times; perfect your public speaking and writing skills; be prepared to speak to “unfriendly” audiences and the press with poise and confidence; cultivate high energy and motivation; join and take leadership roles in student organizations.

    Public Affairs

    • Government agencies (federal, state, local)
    • Corporate government relations departments
    • Tourism councils and chambers of commerce
    • Community affairs for professional, sports, and charitable organizations
    • World affairs, political and non-governmental organizations such as lobbyist groups
    • Researcher for legislators or community action committees

    Strategies:  Intern with government agencies; participate in community action groups; volunteer in political campaigns in publicity areas; consider a minor or take coursework in Political Science or International Relations; work for election campaigns or legislators; develop strong research and writing skills; build excellent writing and communication skills.