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    Things to take along to an informational interview...
    • Arrive armed with a list of well-thought out questions.
    • Bring along a copy or two of your résumé.
    • Don't forget pen and paper to take notes.

    Ask your faculty for a referral and conduct an informational interview.

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    Informational Interviews

    What is an informational interview, you ask?

    Opposed to your typical employment interview, here the job seeker is the one asking all the questions!

    The purpose is to allow the job seeker to obtain advice and information about careers and various industries.

    Not sure how to go about finding someone to interview?

    Simply ask a friend, family member, colleague, faculty member, among many others to refer you to someone who has experience in the particular area you are interested in working.

    • Typically, informational interviews will take place with someone you do not know personally.
    • Keep in mind, most people are glad to offer career advice to anyone!

    Do you have an informational interview lined up? 
    Here are some questions you might consider asking.