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Health Service Student Portal & Health Forms

New Students: Immunization and Health History Requirements

The student code of conduct requires that all students submit a record of their immunizations and  complete a health history through the Duquesne University Health Service electronic medical record system. Students have access to a Health Service Student Portal through DORI using multipass log in, going to the Student Tab, and then clicking on "Student Connections." Through this portal, health history and immunizations can be submitted for easy verification by health service staff.

The provision of this information does not require a physical exam; but simply an online submission of a health history and record of immunization. You must submit this information before you can register for classes.                                            

Immunization Record: Must be submitted through the Health Service Student Portal. You must also submit a hard copy by mail, fax, or in person with a Health Care Provider Signature on form or official documentation. (you may provide written proof of dates of immunization from one of the following: Official School health record, Physician record on letterhead, International Health Certificate, Official state certificate, Health Passport, Baby Book.) cited: Pennsylvania Department of Health State Immunization Code 23.82

This link will take you to the Health Service Student Portal


 Pre-clinical Requirements

Complete this form only if you have been directed to do so by your individual school or program. (This is not required for all new students)

Mylan School of Pharmacy pre-Clinical Health Requirements Form 

Mylan School of Pharmacy Annual TB Form

All Pharmacy prior to their professional phase (generally 2nd to 3rd year)students should review the form as they must meet the additional requirements listed on it.

Rangos School of Health Science Pre-Clinical Health Requirements Form

Rangos Health Science students ONLY must complete this form .

Graduate Nursing Pre-Clinical Health Requirements Form

Nursing (GRADUATE ONLY) Students should review the form as they must meet the additional requirements listed on it.

If you aren't sure if you should complete one of these forms, please call the Coordinator for Pre-Clinical Requirements, 412.396.1652.

Some personal computers have software programs that permit saving the completed documents.                          Completed & saved documents can be sent electronicaly to: pchr@duq.edu