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Teams 72-95

Team 72: Remi Annunziata and Hunter Cynkar

Team 73: Livvy Kahle and Carly Koza

Team 74: Keith Rentler and Alexa Layo

Team 75: Lindsay Haslett and Nathan Hursh 

Team 76: Tori Abbodanza and Gregory Perciavalle

Team 77: Meredith Leech and Jake Roba

Team 78: Ian DiBruno and Kiersten Erlanson

Team 79: Julie Gillis and Maddie O'Neill 

Team 80: Tyler Wilson and Brittany Blackburn

Team 81: Courtney Harkins and Rachel Costa

Team 82: Joanna Eskander and Sarah Holt

Team 83: Natalie Frizzel and Jacob Morell

Team 84: Catherine Clements and Justine Meadows

Team 85: Monica Chmiel and Ashleys Gottschalk

Team 86: Claire Songkakul and Nathan Hursh 

Team 87: Katie Rob and Katy Wendekier

Team 88: Carley Thieret and Emily Scott

Team 89: Eric Banas and Taylor Cavalovitch 

Team 90: Andrea Bennardi and Margaret Thompson

Team 91: Jill Purcell and Katie Kovacic

Team 92: Chad Dominick Christie McKernan

Team 93: Kristi Markanich and Selina Penvose

Team 94: Maggie Long and Brianne Molnar

Team 95: Diana Killian and Jessica Myers