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Article III: Institutional Governance

A. Student Participation in University Governance

  1. The University recognizes that students are entitled to participate in the formulation of rules, regulations and policies directly affecting Student Life. Participation shall be provided through the Student Government Association and through student participation on University committees and councils.
  2. The Student Government Association shall have primary responsibility for recognizing student organizations, enforcing Student Government rules, regulations and legislative actions, and budgeting and administering University funds allocated to it.

B. Demonstrations

It is recognized that free speech is essential in a democratic society. Students are permitted to demonstrate in support of or in opposition to University, city, state or national policy consistent with Article II, Section D, and providing that no acts are performed which:

  1. Cause damage to personal or University property.
  2. Cause physical injury and/or harassment to any individual.
  3. Prevent any member of the University community from entering or leaving any University premises, attending classes or attending any special program sponsored or supervised by the University whether or not it takes place on University premises.
  4. Prevent administrative officers, faculty, students, employees or invited guests of the University from performing duties they are authorized to perform.
  5. Block the normal business of the University.
  6. Block the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
    • The freedom to demonstrate on campus is reserved to the students and staff of Duquesne University. Demonstrators shall be prepared to identify themselves as members of the University community.
    • Orderly picketing and other forms of peaceful demonstrations are permitted on University premises.
    • Persons wishing to set up booths or tables for distribution of literature explaining their point of view may do so in areas normally used for such purposes, and with the approval of the appropriate office.
    • Every student has the right to be interviewed on campus by any legal enterprise desiring to recruit at the University. Any such student group or organization may protest against any such enterprise provided that the protest does not interfere with any other student’s right to have such an interview.
    • Persons who are not members of the University community are expected to comply with the provisions of this Code while on University property and at properly authorized and scheduled events.
    • Any individual who conducts him/herself in such a way as to obstruct or disrupt the normal operation of the University or deliberately abridge the rights of others may be subject not only to arrest and prosecution by civil authorities, but also to University disciplinary procedures which may lead to suspension or expulsion from the University.