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Video Submissions

Audition Process and Guidelines

If travel to Pittsburgh for a live audition is not possible, the applicant may submit a DVD  audition. Pre taped auditions may be done in the privacy of your own home or at any facility of your choice. Keep in mind that the judging panelists are interested in viewing only you, the applicant -- Make certain that you are the only one in view during your presentation, since it is very distracting and sometimes confusing for the judges (and possibly unfair to you) when individuals other than the auditionee are visible in the video.

Tips for auditionees assembling a video presentation:

  • Make sure that your accompaniment levels are "just right" not too low, not too high.
  • It is good to begin with a close up shot of yourself as you tell the panel what your audition program consists of. That way, you can proceed through your entire audition without stopping.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Do not give your name -- just as all of the live auditionees are given a number, your video will be assigned a number when it is received in our office.
  • What to wear: Dark, solid colors are best for viewing. Avoid large prints and stripes.
  • Background: plain backgrounds work best; do not perform in front of a window or light source, as this will create a "silhouette" effect and make it difficult for the panel to view you properly.

All video auditions must be submitted in DVD format.
All DVD's must be received prior to January 31, 2013.

NOTE: All auditionees will be assigned an identification number to be used by the panel of judges.