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McAnulty Circle L-Z

Honor Roll of Donors

The individuals listed below contributed between $10,000 and $24,999 to Duquesne University between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013. We extend our deepest gratitude.

McAnulty Circle Members by Last Names A-K

McAnulty Circle Members by Last Names L-Z

Amy B. Lizza, P'88
Walter J. Lizza, P'88
Helen A. Lyons, B'70
William J. Lyons, B'70, GB'78
Francis S. Marchilena, A'67
Marlene K. Marchilena
Paul M. Matvey, B'76
Marci Matvey
John L. McDonough, Jr., B'58
Aileen McDonough
Helene L. Norbut, GB'93
Janet C. Pappert, S'59
P. David Pappert, A'60
Bertha Petrak Estate
Nicolette M. Pipak, P'84
Richard E. Pipak, Jr., P'84
Dr. Ronald M. Polansky
Susan G. Polansky
Ann I. Ridge, A'48
James C. Rocco, Jr., P'79
Pamela Rocco
Daniel M. Rooney, B'55
Patricia R. Rooney
John R. Rupprecht, Jr.
Nancy Rupprecht
Janice L. Schaming
William P. Schaming, B'92, GB'94
Thaddeus J. Senko, B'78
Cynthia Senko
Donald H. Shaginaw
Walter C. Smith
Judith H. Spanos
Samuel W. Spanos, B'80
Brian L. Sullivan, B'82
Lisa Sullivan
Daniel V. Unico, B'52
Joan Unico
Michael R. Vozza, Jr., B'79
Thomas A. Wandrisco
Ira Weiss, Esq., L'73
Betty Singer
Robert L. Wintermyer, Ph.D, GA'69
Harry W. Witt, B'62

Every effort has been made to ensure complete and accurate donor listings. Please direct any questions, corrections or concerns to the Office of Donor Relations.