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School of Leadership and Professional Advancement

Scholarships and Need-Based Aid: Duquesne’s founding Spiritans fervently believed that no student should be denied access to education because of the inability to pay. This is especially critical for the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement.

The School’s student profile differs markedly from Duquesne’s other units. Its adult learners are seeking to complete a degree, often for career advancement, in the hope of improving their lives and the lives of their families. Many struggle to balance jobs and education with raising children and/or caring for aging parents. Yet very little aid is available from institutional sources, as most of Duquesne’s existing endowed scholarships are restricted to traditional undergraduates. Many prospective and current students cite financial issues as their primary hesitation in continuing their education . In today’s economy, many of our students face layoffs, pay cuts or reductions in employer tuition reimbursements. Just when they need it the most, the education that can transform their lives is suddenly out of reach. Too often, they are forced to abandon their studies as a result. Your support can help prevent students from facing this difficult decision.

Unrestricted Giving: Unrestricted gifts allow the dean to direct resources to the School’s most critical needs and to respond to unexpected opportunities. The vast majority of gifts are designated for a specific program or purpose, making such discretionary funds particularly valuable.

Global Leadership Education Consortium: Duquesne’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement is assembling a worldwide network of universities that will create “shared virtual classrooms” in a new master’s degree in global leadership. This initiative will make it possible for students and faculty members in many countries to simultaneously teach and learn from each other in real time. Scheduled for launch in the fall of 2009, the program seeks funding for administrative support as it undertakes the daunting task of leading this international consortium of universities.

Military Education Programs: Duquesne is a leading provider of undergraduate and graduate degree programs to hundreds of active duty and reserve personnel stationed both stateside and abroad, as well as veterans everywhere. Funds are needed to improve services targeting the unique needs and challenges facing these most deserving students.

Universal Accessibility: The School of Leadership and Professional Advancement seeks to expand its tradition of distance learning to embrace and include students with disabilities. This pilot program will provide training and assistive technology to disabled students who are pursuing one of the School’s degrees. Support is needed for assistive technology, including equipment for the students, faculty and staff; financial aid for participating veterans; and upgrades to the School’s web-based distance learning technology.

Master’s Degree in Community Leadership for Women Religious: A graduate program has been established in cooperation with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, for that order’s members and for other women religious working in developing countries around the world. Based at Duquesne’s Italian Campus in Rome, the program provides sisters with the skills necessary to lead their communities, helping them to grow and prosper and to pass their knowledge to others. Support is needed for tuition assistance, travel, materials and living expenses.