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School of Law

Will you answer the Call to Excellence?

The only thing more difficult than achieving excellence is sustaining it.

That's especially true for law schools--and their students--today. Fewer applicants lead to declining enrollments, in turn resulting in reduced operating revenue. Many schools respond by raising tuition. Students graduate with more debt as they enter a shrinking job market. Word gets around, discouraging even more applicants from pursing legal studies.

It's a vicious cycle--one from which some law schools won't emerge.

Those law schools that endure will share several common traits. They will be grounded in history and tradition, yet fl exible and innovative enough to adapt to changing times. They will build upon their core values and distinctive assets to set themselves apart from competitors. And perhaps most importantly, they will advance thanks to generous financial support from loyal alumni and friends.

Duquesne University School of Law has persevered through the Great Depression, World War II, and the social and economic upheaval of the 1960s and 1970s when many peer institutions closed their doors.

We are stronger than ever--rising in the U.S. News and World Report rankings to #121, with even higher accolades for our Legal Research and Writing (#12) and Part-Time Programs (#48). National Jurist ranks us fourth among its "Best Value Private Law Schools." And we just ranked third out of 10 law schools in performance on the Pennsylvania Bar Exam-a phenomenal achievement.

But we are not immune from the external forces at work. We must vigorously pursue targeted initiatives, such as those described below, that keep us ahead of the storm. All of these build upon the historic strengths of Duquesne Law. All of these set us apart from regional and national competitors. And again, all of these will require unprecedented fi nancial support from alumni and friends like you.

The Call to Excellence Fund will address these imperatives. This is not an endowment, but rather strategic funding that will be immediately put to work addressing critical needs. Your contribution will help the Law School not only
survive, but thrive, through the challenges facing legal education today.

This is the time...we need your support now more than ever. Please respond to this extraordinary appeal with a gift to the Call to Excellence Fund today.

Gifts to the Fund will support these and other initiatives:

Increasing scholarships to allow highly qualified students who wish to attend Duquesne Law School--including those from diverse backgrounds--to do so during difficult economic times...

Supporting Moot Court teams so they can continue to travel and compete nationally...

Establishing new clinics to provide the experiential education that employers demand...

Developing national and international externships and fellowships that will increase students' practical learning
options in other cities and countries while defraying their living expenses...

Expanding and intensifying our Bar Exam Preparation programs to give every student the chance to excel...

Presenting major events and lectures that draw national figures and attention to the Law School...