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Senior Class Giving

Your gift of $20.15 x 1,500 seniors = $30,000+

Many small gifts really do make a big difference. And though you may not have noticed it, the generosity of thousands of loyal alumni has helped make your Duquesne experience possible.

Yes, tuition is expensive. But only about 73% of the total cost of a Duquesne education comes from tuition.  A large portion of the rest is covered by private donations ranging from a few dollars to millions.  Without these gifts, the true price tag for a Duquesne education would be even higher.

Thousands of Duquesne students receive financial aid, much of it in the form of donor-funded scholarships.  But even students paying full tutition benefit from the "hidden scholarship" charitable gifts provide in support of buildings, classrooms, labs, endowed faculty, athletic and library facilities, technology, and student activities..

Giving back to Duquesne is a tradition shared by generations of alumni.  As you prepare to join the ranks of our graduates, it's the perfect time to make your first gift. Whether you can give $20.15, or a higher or lower amount, it's your participation that is most important.

Not only will your gift have a direct impact on the students who follow you, it will also help make your own degree more valuable.  That's because those U.S. News rankings (Duquesne's in the top tier, you know!) are based not only on the quality of students and programs, but also on the percentage of alumni who donate. Your gift counts toward our 2014 participation rate.

You may direct your gift to any school, department, program or activity with special meaning for you.

Making a gift is quick and easy. Give online with your credit card, or download a pledge card and send it in with your check or credit card information.

You will leave Duquesne with more than a degree. You will carry fond memories of friends, professors and experiences-and an opportunity to help future students follow their own dreams

Pass the Hat. Make your Senior Class Gift today.