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News Coverage for Duquesne

News coverage highlighting Duquesne’s experts and initiatives.

July 18
Personalities of Pittsburgh: Maureen Lally-Green
The Pittsburgh Business Times published this feature piece about Law Dean Maureen Lally-Green, which reflects on her career and accomplishments.

Wal-Mart Academy in Harrison Turns out First Graduates
The Tribune-Review interviewed Dr. Audrey Guskey, associate professor of marketing, for this story about the first Wal-Mart Academy graduation and how the training session will improve customer service and the shopping experience.

July 17
Mercouri G. Kanatzidis. Thirty Years of Contributions to Materials and Inorganic Chemistry
The Royal Society of Chemistry published this article about the book Mercouri G. Kanatzidis. Thirty Years of Contributions to Materials and Inorganic Chemistry, for which Dr. Jennifer Aitken, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was a guest editor.

July 13
Wolf Tight-Lipped But Optimistic on Budget Deal
Philly.com interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about Pennsylvania’s constitutional requirement for a balanced budget and the current status of the state’s budget.

July 11
Innovation Thrives When Government Stays Out of the Way
Dr. Antony Davies, associate professor of economics, co-wrote this op-ed for Inside Sources about the relationship between government intervention and technological advancement.

Chicago Becomes Latest Battleground Over Soft Drink Taxes
USA Today interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this story about Cook County, Illinois’ new soft-drink tax and how the controversial levy will play out in the city of Chicago.

New Rankings: Who Are Allegheny County’s 50 Biggest Employers?
WTAE-TV reported that the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry ranked Duquesne No. 27 on its list of the 50 largest employers in Allegheny County.

July 10
Lawmakers Want To Make It Easier For Those With Criminal Records To Find Work
KDKA-TV interviewed Associate Clinical Law Professor Tracy McCants Lewis for this story about Governor Wolf’s Fair Chance Hiring Policy, which will remove questions related to an applicant’s criminal history from initial employment applications.

Third Annual Amazon Prime Day Offers 30 Hours Of Exclusive Deals
KDKA-TV interviewed Dr. Audrey Guskey, associate professor of marketing, for this story that previews Amazon’s highly anticipated “Prime Day,” 30 hours of exclusive deals for Prime members.

Bill Proposes ‘Clean Slate’ for Old Misdemeanor Convictions in Pa.
The Post-Gazette interviewed Tracey McCants Lewis, associate clinical professor of law, for this story about a Pennsylvania legislative bill that will seal old, non-violent misdemeanors for citizens who have not had any convictions for at least ten years.

Summer of Love Opened the Door for Feminism
The Beaver County Times interviewed Associate Sociology Professor Dr. Sarah MacMillen for this piece about how the Summer of Love in the late 60s created an environment conducive to the women’s liberation movement.

KDKA-Radio: Dr. Audrey Guskey
Dr. Audrey Guskey, associate professor of marketing, was interviewed on KDKA-Radio regarding Amazon Prime Day.

July 7
Trump Is Wrong About Amazon
Dr. Antony Davies, associate professor of economics, co-wrote this op-ed for U.S. News & World Report about President Trump’s perception of Amazon in regard to antitrust law.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Wins Federal Grant to Study the Rise of Mammals
The Post-Gazette reported that the National Science Foundation has awarded the Carnegie Museum of Natural History a $397,706 grant to research mammal evolution. Duquesne, among other institutions, will collaborate in these efforts.

‘Trinity’ Case Marks End of Originalism
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz wrote this piece for Philly.com about the role of originalism and constitutional law in the Trinity Lutheran case.

Was Tom Corbett Right About Medicaid Expansion After All?: Opinion
Penn Live published this story about former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, who is now a distinguished lecturer in the School of Law, and his thoughts regarding the Senate GOP health care bill that dramatically slashes federal Medicaid spending.

July 6
A Minimum Wage for Pro Baseball Players?
Dr. Matt Ryan, associate professor of economics, penned this piece for Learn Liberty about the economic implications of a set minimum wage for minor league baseball players.

Pa. Law Seeks to Avoid Police Accountability
Dr. Antony Davis, associate professor of economics, co-wrote this op-ed for Philly.com about the use of body cameras on police officers.

Embracing Tension, Space and the Unknown in Music Therapy Research
Dr. Noah Potvin, assistant professor of music therapy, co-wrote this piece for the Oxford University Press about the role of reflexivity in music therapy.

July 5
BILL PASSES 13-2: Allegheny Co Council Votes to Approve Universal Blood Lead Level Testing in Children Under 2
WTAE-TV interviewed Dr. Skip Kingston, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, for this story about an Allegheny County Council bill that approved mandatory lead testing for Allegheny County children.

Uptown-Based Startup Uses Machine Learning to Help Companies Protect Their Logos
The Post-Gazette interviewed Associate Law Professor Dr. Jacob Rooksby for this article about visual trademark searching and how tools can be used to avoid infringement.

July 3
Duquesne, Ursuline Team on Pharmacy Track
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that Duquesne has partnered with Ursuline College to give Ursuline students the opportunity to earn both their bachelor’s degree and doctor of pharmacy degree in seven years instead of eight.

July 2
Student Group Secures Grant for Plum School Library Upgrades
The Tribune-Review interviewed Dr. Temple Lovelace, associate professor of counseling, psychology and special education, for this story about her organization Education Uncontained, which recently gave grant money to Plum High School for improvements in its library.