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To assist women religious individually and communally.

The current trend in today's society shows a decreased membership in faith organizations, particularly in Catholic women religious, who are known for their historic contributions to the United States' social capital. Thus, there is a need to study the motivational factors and life satisfaction levels in different generations of apostolic women religious within the Roman Catholic Church.

The Life Satisfaction Scale for Apostolic Women Religious (LSSAWR) was created by Maria Clara Kreis, CDP, Ph.D., L.P. out of her passion and commitment to religious life. Dr. Kreis and Duquesne University have been awarded a grant of $390,000 from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to create a manual for the Life Satisfaction Scale for Apostolic Women Religious (LSSAWR). The grant money will also support the research that will make the LSSAWR available to the youngest generations of women religious as well as to those who speak Spanish. In collaboration, Dr. Kreis and Dr. Ronald Livingston, and their research team have begun to work on the LSSAWR project since January of 2016.

The LSSAWR can be used to assess satisfaction levels across generations of women religious. Hopefully, the LSSAWR can assist women religious individually and communally as they discern their commitment to religious life.

Dissertation: Copyright © May 22, 2010; for entire text (including the LSSAWR) by Maria Clara Kreis C.D.P., Ph.D.; The Library of Congress, United States Copyright Office