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Award Administration

All grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements awarded to Duquesne University must be reviewed to make certain that each agreement is supportive of the DU mission and that the rights of the researchers are protected. Because Duquesne University (not the school, department, center, or individual faculty member) is the legal entity for all awards, the award must be processed through the Office of Research to ensure that Duquesne University can accept any conditions imposed on the award.

Research Accounting works in tandem with the Office of Research to provide exceptional service to the University Community as well as external representatives of federal and non-federal sponsoring agencies.  This function reports directly to the University Controller.

For more information, Duquesne faculty can visit Research Accounting in the Controller's section of the DORI Intranet.

For post-award grant assistance please contact:

Amie Walters                                                                                     Nancy Dippold
Research Accounting Analyst                                                            Research Accounting Analyst 
204 Administration Building                                                                204 Administration Building
600 Forbes Avenue                                   OR                                   600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282                                                                         Pittsburgh, PA  15282     
412-396-5455 (Phone)                                                                      412-396-1010 (Phone)
412-396-1603 (Fax)                                                                          412-396-1603 (Fax)
waltersa@duq.edu                                                                             dippoldn@duq.edu

Principal Investigator's (PI's) Responsibility

The following list outlines some of the PI's responsibilities when completing sponsored research.

  • Conducting the research project in accordance with the proposed research and the terms and conditions of the award. Please note that the sponsor's written approval is required for a significant change the scope of work.
  • Managing project resources to ensure timely and successful completion of the project.
  • Approving expenses charged to the project account.
  • Timely reporting (progress, interim, final reports, etc.) to the funding agency as outlined in grant agreement.
  • Ensuring responsible conduct of research and compliance.
  • Level of Effort: PI's must work with their chair and dean to determine the appropriate level of effort on various research projects.

ARRA Reporting Information

The Federal Stimulus Plan, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA or "Recovery Act"), has provided significant funding for researchers. Provided is information to help university researchers comply with the requirements of the ARRA.

Indirect Cost Rate Update

Effective from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2016, the Facilities and Administrative (Indirect Cost) rate is 32% Modified Total Direct Costs. 

Circular No. A-21

Principles For Determining Costs Applicable To Grants, Contracts, And Other Agreements With Educational Institutions.