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Resources and Preparation

Nine Things To Do Before Writing a Grant:
  1. Identify your need and/or the project you want to undertake.
  2. Prepare a concept paper.
  3. Research potential funders.
  4. Ask your colleagues for advice.
  5. Choose a funding source to which you want to apply.
  6. Obtain Guidelines and information from the funding source regarding application procedures.
  7. Read the guidelines and follow the directions.
  8. Make personal contact- ask questions about the funder's programmatic interests and on what you should focus when you write the proposal.
  9. Get started on writing the proposal.

As you work, repeat Steps 7-8. Read the guidelines, follow the directions, and keep asking questions!

And remember, proposal writing is not an exact science; each proposal should be individually crafted according to the priorities and guidelines established by the funding source.Office of Research Documents

Office of Research Documents
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