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Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

In 2008, Duquesne University was awarded the Carnegie Foundation for the Engagement of Teaching's Community Engagement Classification for its Curricular Engagement and Partnership Efforts. This designation was awarded based on documentation compiled over a year-long institutional self-study. 

Curricular Engagement describes teaching, learning and scholarship which engage faculty, students and community in mutually beneficial and respectful collaboration. Their interactions:

  • address community-identified needs
  • deepen students' civic and academic learning
  • enhance community well-being, and
  • enrich the scholarship of the institution.

    Outreach and Partnerships focuses on:

    • using institutional resources for community use with benefits to both campus and community.
    • collaborative interactions for mutually beneficial applications of knowledge, research, economic development and resources.

    "The Carnegie staff and our panel of advisors were heartened by the exemplary institutionalized practices of community engagement of the selected institutions. We noted strong alignment between institutional mission and budgetary support, infrastructure, leadership, marketing, and faculty hiring, orientation, and development.”- Carnegie Consulting Scholar Amy Driscoll

    Community Engagement Self-Study Document

    Duquesne staff and students may view  the University's 2008 Community Engagement Self-Study in DORI, on the Teaching tab.