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The Administrative Policies


This policy applies to all University students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

To provide the University community with information regarding the procedures for notification of the University closing or cancelling classes and to notify University personnel of the procedures related to work expectations during such closing or outages.

The University has in place a system of operating procedures related to the closure of the University and/or cancellation of classes for any reason.

I. Authority to close the University and/or to cancel classes

The authority to close the University, University offices, and/or to cancel classes resides with the President in consultation with the Vice Presidents. Individual deans and department heads will not cancel classes, or close a school or department without the approval of the President and Vice Presidents.

II. Communications

While University students, faculty, staff and/or visitors may obtain information about closing through a variety of sources, including television and radio stations, the official means of communication regarding closures and/or class cancellation is notification on the homepage of the University's website.

III. Emergency Personnel/Essential Personnel

If classes are cancelled and the University is closed, only emergency/essential personnel will be required to report for work. In such cases, the following will apply:

A. Employees, who by the nature of their work are required to perform emergency/essential services necessary to the University, will receive their regular pay and will, in addition, receive compensatory time off with pay for those hours worked during the emergency period. Employees in this category who are consistently unavailable for emergency/essential services are subject to discipline, suspension, and dismissal.

B. Emergency/essential personnel who are unable to meet their obligations in the event of closure are required to present a physician's note or other medical evidence of their unavailability for work during the emergency period.

IV. Non-Emergency Personnel

A. Employees who are not required to work because they are not considered emergency/essential personnel will be off at no loss in pay for the first 48 hours of closing.

B. An employee whose previously scheduled vacation time overlaps with a University closure that occurs during working hours shall be charged their full vacation time.

V. Department or Section Closing

When, because of a power outage, alterations, or for other reasons, a department or section of the University is closed, employees who are unable to work due to this condition will continue to be paid only if they accept temporary assignment in other areas within their division or elsewhere in the University. The decision to compensate employees who are unable to work elsewhere in the University shall be made only by the appropriate Vice President or President.

VI. Union Represented Employees
Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement will be governed by the terms of that agreement.

VII. Related Information

Emergency Operations Plan
Applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements

VIII. Violations
Disciplinary actions for proven violations, or for improper retaliation against anyone who reports possible violations, will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may include actions up to and including termination of employment.

IX. History
This policy was last updated in April 2005.
The current version was approved February 2017.

X. Ownership of the Policy
The responsible University office is the Office of the President.