DU - United Way Campaign

    Duquesne’s 2014 United Way Campaign surpassed its goal of $105,000 by raising $108,054. It also was one of the top 100 campaigns out of the region’s approximately 700 campaigns.

    It was was recognized by the United Way of Allegheny County with the Community Choice Award for its Wild, Wild Wednesday event, which was an event designed to increase campaign participation.

    In addition, Duquesne successfully exceeded the United Way’s 105 Percent Challenge, which was a call to increase contributions in more than one campaign category, such as dollars raised or number of leadership donors. In the area of leadership donors, the University surpassed the challenge with a 25 percent increase.

    Duquesne’s efforts helped the United Way of Allegheny County’s 2014 campaign raise a record total of $34.7 million.

    The United Way campus luncheon raises awareness of community needs.

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    Supporting Our Community through the United Way

    Duquesne University is continuing its strong tradition of providing financial support to our community through United Way of Allegheny County. The 2015 United Way campaign will run Sept. 18 to Nov. 25, 2015.

    Please check back to donate when the
    campaign begins Friday, Sept. 18.

    The 2015 United Way Chairperson is Tom Hart, Director of Public Safety and Co-chair is Russ Grunebach, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Treasury services

    Surpassing our Goals

    Duquesne did it last year and we can do it again! Join us in working to achieve our goal of raising $108,056, through both employee contributions and special events, to support the United Way.


    You can support community services that Duquesne University's own faculty and students are giving to through the United Way. Dr. Leni Resick and student Yulian Lutsif explain the impact your gift to Duquesne's Nurse-managed Wellness Centers can have. The Center, along with other University supported programs, is listed in the 2014 Donor Choice Regional Designation Code book which is available for download on the right.

    For many, giving to Duquesne's United Way Campaign is an opportunity to support the University commitment to the service of others, but for individuals like Dr. Evan Stoddard, associate dean of the McAnulty College, it is a chance to say thank you:

    The United Way of Allegheny County has made a positive impact in the lives of many people in our community. If you have a United Way story to share, please contact Shelly Boehm.

    Review Duquesne's Tradition of Giving