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Student Health Insurance

Duquesne University requires all Full-time Graduate, Undergraduate, and International Students to have health coverage.


A. How We Communicate

Your Duquesne University personal email account is the official method of communication for Duquesne administrative matters.
DO NOT dismiss emails from Gallagher Student (Duquesne's Student Health Insurance Manager).  Failure to check your email account does not excuse or exempt you from any actions required of you by the University.

B. Insurance Requirement and Cost

All full time students must have adequate medical insurance coverage and provide the University with verifiable proof of coverage. If you do not provide proof of insurance or enroll in the plan offered by the University, you will be automatically enrolled in the University's plan, and your student account will be billed for the cost of the insurance in two installments. The first in July 2014 in the amount of $911.20 and the second in December 2014 in the amount of $856.20. For a total of $1,767.40. You must provide proof of coverage or enroll in the plan offered by the University  by completing the appropriate online form by August 31,  2014, or for Spring only students by January 31, 2015. NO PAPER WAIVERS ARE ACCEPTABLE.

How to Waive Student Health Insurance

In order for your personal insurance to be accepted as adequate, the following conditions are apply:

      • The policy must not exclude pre-existing conditions
      • The policy must pay providers directly
      • The policy must have mental health coverage

International students covered by their own or parent's health insurance plans must ALSO confirm that:

      • The insurance company pays claims in U. S. Dollars.
      • The insurance company has a U.S. based claims processing center.

C. Online  Process for the Spring of 2014-2015

1.  Log onto Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk: click on College and University Students and type Duquesne University Domestic or Duquesne University International in the search box.

2.  Click on Student Waive /Enroll Forms. You will be required to log in to submit a waiver or enrollment form. Your User ID and Password are: 

User ID – Duquesne University Email Address (including the @duq.edu) 

Password – Student’s Banner number which can be found on your Student Account online ebill (Ex.D00000006)( Go to https://portal.duq.edu/cp/home/displaylogin to view your eBill.)

After logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to reset your password. A secure link will be sent to your Duquesne University Email Address which will serve as identity verification and allow you to complete the process. 

3. Once logged in, select either the Red "I want to waive" or Green "I want to enroll" button. If waiving the insurance, have your current insurance ID card ready as you will need this information in order to complete the waiver form or simply complete the enrollment form if you desire to enroll in the coverage.

If you have tried to log on to Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk  website and have had problems, it may be for one of the following reasons:

1. You are not registered for classes yet. (You will not be able to access Gallagher Student's web page until 1 week after you complete your class registration).

2. You are not a full time student, or

3. You are a PhD student. Please contact Gallagher Koster at 1-877-344-9795 for your eligibility status.

Regarding dependents, which include spouse and children, you must enroll yourself first and then print the Dependent Enrollment Form found on Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk. Complete the form and return it to Gallagher Student, by U S Mail,  along with a copy of your marriage certificate and/or birth certificates for children.

D. University Insurance Plan Summaries.

Summary Grid of 2014-2015 BlueCross BlueShield Highmark  Plan

 PhD.Student Health Insurance 50% Discount Information

Enrollment in the University's Student Health Insurance Plan through Highmark complies with all applicable federal and state laws.

For more information on student insurance or questions call 877.344.9795. You can also email questions to: DuquesneStudent@gallagherkoster.com

The University Plan does not offer dental or vision coverage.