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    If you do not want to place the desk copy order yourself, you can also email all information (Title, Author, Publisher and ISBN-13) to Anna for her to place the order.


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    August 2015


    DEAP Fall 2014

    Program Review Guidelines

    Proposal for grad student rep vote

    Committees for Self-Study

    Pilot Learning Community Course

    Top 10 Reasons for English Majors to Study Abroad

    Assigned committees for self-study

    First Year Writing Experience

    UCOR Committee:  Literature Requirement Discussion

    Doctoral Exam Revision Proposal

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      UCOR 101/102 classes

      Learning Outcomes for 101 & 102

      Instructor Requirements & Guidelines

      Statement on Academic Freedom

      Critical Thinking Habits

      UCOR 101-Thinking & Writing Across the Curriculum

      UCOR 102- Imaginative Literature & Critical Writing

      First Class Writing Contest

      Congratulations to our winners and their instructors!

      Fall 2013

      1st prize: "A Warped Teenage Brain: The Impact of Technology in the Classroom" by Samantha Studvick (Ava Cipri)

      2nd prize: "Financial Literacy: A Misunderstanding at Duquesne University" by James Papiano (Lindsey Albracht)

      3rd prize: "Living Connected to Oneself, Others, and One's Cellphone - Yes, Maggie Jackson, It Is Possible" by Shannon Small (Matt Ussia)

      Spring 2014

      1st prize: "California: The Land of Broken Dreams" by Laura Smith (Mike Begnal)

      2nd prize: "Beauty vs. Intellect: A Woman's Search for Identity" by Katlyn Rop (Marcie Rovan)

      3rd prize: "The Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side: Coraline's Journey to the Other Side" by Isabella Martinez (Jess McCort)

      First Class is now available to view online!

      First Class- Fall 2014

      Graduate Programs Self-Study Report 2015

      Ph.D. Self Study Documents- 2007


      Undergraduate Self-Study Documents

      English Undergraduate Internal Review

      Theater Arts Internal Review

      Catholic Colleges Teaching Loads

      Boston College--approximately 900 majors
      Notre Dame--approximately 300 majors
      Marquette--268 majors
      Catholic U.--70 majors
      St. Louis U--150 majors

      Our Major totals:
      2004-5: 194
      2005-6: 217
      2006-7: 221
      2007-8: 235
      2008-9: 206
      2009-10: 213
      2010-11: 212
      2011-12: 141
      2012-13: 180
      2013-14: 143

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