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  UCOR 101-Thinking & Writing Across the Curriculum

UCOR 102- Imaginative Literature & Critical Writing

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First Class Writing Contest

Congratulations to our winners and their instructors!

Fall 2013

1st prize:  "A Warped Teenage Brain: The Impact of Technology in the Classroom" by Samantha Studvick (Ava Cipri)

2nd prize: "Financial Literacy: A Misunderstanding at Duquesne University" by James Papiano (Lindsey Albracht)

3rd prize:  "Living Connected to Oneself, Others, and One's Cellphone - Yes, Maggie Jackson, It Is Possible" by Shannon Small (Matt Ussia)


Spring 2014

1st prize:  "California: The Land of Broken Dreams" by Laura Smith (Mike Begnal)

2nd prize:  "Beauty vs. Intellect: A Woman's Search for Identity" by Katlyn Rop (Marcie Rovan)

3rd prize: "The Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side: Coraline's Journey to the Other Side" by Isabella Martinez (Jess McCort)

First Class is now available to view online!

First Class- Fall 2014


Academic Integrity


      Coffee House Reading Series

      The Coffee House Reading Series is a monthly reading of creative writing at the Barnes & Noble Café in the Power Center on Forbes Avenue. Organized and sponsored by Duquesne University's English Department, the series aims to develop the creative writing and arts community on Duquesne's campus by inviting established writers to present their work along side the work of students and other emerging writers. You can view the current semester's schedule of readings below. For more information, contact


      Tuesday, October 7
      Samantha Leon, poetry
      Justin Kishbaugh, poetry

      Monday, November 10
      Lori Jakiela, memoir
      Jane Bernstein, fiction

      Thursday, December 4
      Michael S. Begnal, poetry
      Karen Lillis, poetry

      Tuesday, February 3
      Scott Silsbe, poetry
      Craig Bernier, fiction

      Monday, March 16
      Erin Elizabeth Smith, poetry
      Jeffrey Condran, fiction

      Thursday, April 16
      John Thomas Menesini, poetry
      Aubrey Hirsch, fiction


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