East of Salinas

Monday, February 13

Released:  2016
Directors: Laura Pacheco, Jackie Mow
Run time: 72 minutes

East of Salinas takes us to the heart of California's "Steinbeck Country," the Salinas Valley, to meet a bright boy and his dedicated teacher-both sons of migrant farm workers. With parents who are busy working long hours in the fields, third grader José Ansaldo often turns to his teacher, Oscar Ramos, for guidance. But José is undocumented; he was born in Mexico. Like many other migrant children, he is beginning to understand the situation-and the opportunities that may be lost to him through no fault of his own.

East of Salinas follows José and Oscar over three years: the boy is full of energy, smarts, and potential, while his teacher is determined to give back to a new generation of migrant children.

Many of the students who enter Oscar's third grade class at Sherwood Elementary School in Salinas have never been to the beach, even though it's only twenty miles away. Their parents work from sunup to sundown. They live in cramped apartments in neighborhoods plagued by gang violence. The kids take on the day-to-day stresses of their parents: making ends meet, dealing with acute health issues, fearing deportation. In the face of these challenges, Oscar gives his student's access to a world that often seems beyond their reach.

José is one of Oscar's most gifted students. Despite having moved between seven different schools in three years he still excels in math. But Oscar can only do so much. For José, a student with such promise, East of Salinas demonstrates the cruelty of circumstance-a cruelty that touches on the futures of millions of undocumented kids in America.

(Source: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/films/east-of-salinas/)


Jorge Tapia-Ortiz, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
Duquesne University