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Testing Procedures

Students whose accommodations include “special testing accommodations” may make arrangements, with their professor to take the exam within the specific department; if not possible arrangements can be made with the approval of their faculty member, to take the test in the Office of Special Services.

The student may contact the Office of Special Services to discuss the availability of a room for this testing and if approved may complete this "test request form" (also available in Room 309, Duquesne Union). A portion of this form must be completed by the faculty member and returned to the Office of Special Services at least 3 business days before the test is given.  The test to be administered must be delivered to 309 Duquesne Union at least 24 hours before the test is given.  Faculty members are then responsible for contacting the office directly to determine how the test will be delivered.

Personal items, including but not limited to books, purses, back-packs and cell-phones, will not be permitted in the testing room.  All items must be left out in the main office area.  Students are expected to follow the testing procedures determined by the faculty.  Any violations will be reported to the faculty member.   Examinations may be proctored at the discretion of the Office of Special Services.