Alumni Embody the Honors College Spirit

Eddie Zakreski, A'21, a political science major who minored in philosophy and history and earned a business administration certificate, was drawn to Duquesne as an undergraduate because it embraces the spirit of service he felt called toward in his Catholic tradition.

His academic goal was to attend law school to purpose social justice initiatives and be in a position to uplift those who need it most. The Honors College was the ideal place for him to prepare for his future and to learn to ask hard questions and bravely face the answers.

"I want to make a positive change in the world and help the least fortunate and most historically disadvantaged. I feel like law is the best path for me to fulfill that."

Eddie Zakreski

"Drawn to social justice initiatives, relentless in their pursuit of truth, and an ever-deepening awareness of mystery throughout—this is what sets Honors College graduates apart," suggests Dr. Kathleen Glenister Roberts, Eddie's advisor and director of the Honors College. "Eddie really humbled me. He reminded me of why the Honors College is here and why Duquesne's mission matters."

Students Living the Mission

While working toward her bachelor's degree in strategic public relations in advertising, as well as English, a global diversity course opened Braylyn's eyes to the oppression of various groups.

Her website examines the history and current challenges of racial discrimination against Asians in the United States.

Hannah's blog, ABLED, serves as a resource and safe discussion space for students with disabilities. ABLED compares the occupational health of disabled and non-disabled students as a way to educate others and draw attention to the different needs. Hannah hopes to help improve levels of comfort with such topics and shed light on a matter that impacts all students.

Noella is committed to helping sexual assault victims access resources, find their voice, gain justice and become the best version of themselves that they can be -;and not have to do any of it alone.

On the brink of earning her bachelor's degree in biochemistry with a minor in biology and mathematics, Noella will continue directly into a fifth year at Duquesne University to achieve her master's degree in Forensic Science and Law.

While studying abroad in Morocco, Katia deeply appreciated the opportunity to discover a new appreciation for her heritage. During her semester in Spain, she delighted in a few aspects of Spanish culture she'd like to keep with her forever. Katie majors in multiplatform journalism and minors in Spanish.