Duquesne in Rome is hiring !


Position open for: Assistant Resident Director (ARD) Part-time

The Duquesne in Rome program is a study abroad experience for students from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. A maximum of sixty (60) students each semester study in Rome from a menu of courses from the Bridges curriculum and school-specific specialty classes which are taught by locally-based adjunct professors and visiting professors from Duquesne's home campus. The semester-long academic experience is enriched with cultural visits in Rome and excursions offered throughout the country of Italy. At the Rome program, students live on campus and are supported by three live-in Residence Life staff members, including a Resident Director and two Assistant Resident Directors. by the Assistant Director of the Duquesne in Rome program and the Director of European Programs.

Position Description:

The ARD position in Rome is considered a part-time position. The ARD works in close conjunction with, and under the supervision of the Resident Director, the Assistant Director, and the Director of European Programs. The ARD assists with Residence Life and Student Life affairs at the campus, including providing a safe and healthy semester for students. The ARD helps to supervise on and off campus activities and events, including group excursions. The ARD helps with matters related to the unusual general semester schedule of the Duquesne in Rome program.

A successful ARD will demonstrate a strong background in all or most of the following dimensions:

Academic Background

Required: Candidate will have an academic record reflecting a seriousness of study in general and possess a minimum of a Bachelor's degree from a reputable American or European college or university.
Preferred: U.S. applicant that attended Duquesne University and the Duquesne in Rome program during their undergraduate studies.

Culture and Background

Candidate should possess knowledge of Italian and U.S. culture and language. Particular familiarity with or interest in history, art history, literature or politics of Italy that can contribute to the overall study abroad experience of students.

Student Life Experience

Required: This position is a "live in" position, where the ARD must live at the Italian Campus program for this employment position.
Preferred: Experience with a live-in position in Residence Life. The ARD should have Student Life work experience, or demonstrate equivalent ability, including practical knowledge of the requirements of Residence Life and/or study abroad. Due to on-campus living and working closely with other Residence Life team members, a strong but flexible personality is required; moreover, the ARD must be prepared to recognize, assess, counsel and solve (or contain) various interpersonal problems and issues that arise between students. A working grasp of Duquesne University Residence Life policies, procedure, and disciplinary processes is useful. Knowledge of Italian culture, the city of Rome in order to help students feel comfortable as they adjust into their new host city and university.

Administrative Experience

The ARD should be prepared to assist with minor administrative needs, including the use of the Microsoft package. Higher level technology skills will be especially valued. Evidence of managerial skills, attention to detail, and good working relationships with others is especially useful.

Personal Characteristics

The candidate should be a person who can work calmly with a wide range of student and professional groups. Since this position encompasses so many diverse functions, the person should be unflappable, mature and possessed of a good knowledge of both student populations in the U.S. and the culture of Italy.

Preferred: Italian/EU Citizenship or Italian Working Papers

Language skills:
Required: High proficiency/fluent in English.
Preferred: Proficient/fluent Italian in Italian.

Daily/Weekly Tasks:

  • Helping students solve problems and answer questions that naturally arise during the course of a semester studying and living abroad
  • Serving as an intermediary between students and the Italian Campus property employees and management, when appropriate; and,
  • Supporting the needs of visiting faculty members, when necessary.
  • The ARD will have a combination of work days in the office (The ARD Workshop) and evening/night duties. Office work will include small administrative projects assigned by the Director/Assistant Director and errands in the city of Rome to help support the on-site classes or student activities. Night duties will include, but not limited to, room inspections and "rounds".
  • Work closely with the Director/Assistant Director to process minor Residence Life student violations or to report more serious student violations.
  • Work closely with the Director/Assistant Director on Student Life activities and excursions.
  • Attend weekly staff meeting with the Director and the Assistant Director.

Monthly/Semester-long Tasks:

  • Assist with Orientation at the beginning of each semester and Room check-outs at the end of the semester.
  • Preparing the physical grounds of the campus for residential, social, and academic use throughout the semester
  • Being available in the case of an emergency and helping to assist the Director/Assistant Director when emergencies happen (including Emergency Drills).
  • Assist the Assistant Director with Student Life and cultural activities in the city of Rome.
  • Assist the Assistant Director/Director in event planning (e.g. Easter).
  • Accompany students on Academic Excursions in Italy and possible excursions in Europe.
  • Attend Staff Retreats once per year.
  • The Assistant Resident Director will have one weekend off per month and will have five days of "break" each semester during the Spring/Fall student break. The tasks listed above are the major responsibilities of the position, but as the staff is limited there may be other tasks not mentioned that relate to the ARD position.
  • This position reports directly to the Assistant Director of the Italian Campus program.

Contract & Compensation:

To be discussed during the interview process. Interested applicants can send a resume and cover letter to: sacripo040@duq.edu.