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Dr. Joe DeCrosta, Executive Director of the Center for Global Engagement at Duquesne University, oversees international student admissions and recruitment, immigration policy and advisement, study abroad programming, and the Global English Institute.  For over 25 years, Joe has advocated for international student interests, supported diversity efforts on and off campus, and administered grants from agencies such as the U.S. Department of State to advance international education and intercultural understanding.

He also played an active role in reorganizing international efforts at Duquesne to better expose students to the variety of programming around the world as well as offering consistent support for international students choosing to study at Duquesne.

Joe has served on many national and regional boards supporting international education efforts, was recognized by the U.S. Department of State as a “Best Institutional Partner,” and was granted a Mandela Reciprocal Exchange grant for two years in a row to support the development of human capital in Africa. He was also awarded a Mandela Reciprocal Exchange Grant to collaborate on HIV and Disability efforts in Zambia.  

Joe received his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, studied at the University of Florence in Italy, and holds a Master's in International Communication from The American University in Washington, DC.  He obtained a Ph.D. in Communication and Rhetorical Studies from Duquesne University where he serves as an adjunct professor teaching courses in intercultural communication.  He has published articles in the field.  


  • Bachelor's degree, Communication/Linguistics Rutgers University
  • Master's degree, International Communication, The American University
  • Ph.D., Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Duquesne University

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