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Dr. Tiffany Hatcher earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from the illustrious Hampton University School of Pharmacy in 2017. Upon graduation, she completed a PGY1 Community Based Pharmacy Residency with University of Arkansas Medical Sciences and Walmart Health & Wellness. During this time, she was awarded both a Research and Teaching Certificate for her work. Following this experience, Dr. Hatcher practiced as a Pharmacy Clinical Services Manager for a community-based retail chain where she participated in direct patient care in addition to teaching and training other pharmacist and technicians in pharmacy based clinical services.

Licensed in six states, Dr. Hatcher is highly adaptable and has an array of diverse experiences in teaching, training, and providing pharmaceutical and patient care services. She has a passion for impacting patient care on a national level and ensuring pharmacists and student pharmacists are equipped with tools to better serve patients.

Currently, Dr. Hatcher is the Community Pharmacy Concentration coordinator and coordinates the APhA Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery program for both students and pharmacists. She is a trained pharmacist provider within the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network and serves as a coach for the national CPESN "Flip the Pharmacy" program, which aims to guide pharmacies through practice transformation. Additionally, Dr. Hatcher serves as the Academia-CPESN Transformation Pharmacy Collaborative (ACT) Champion for the School of Pharmacy, which establishes collaboration between schools of pharmacy and clinical integrated networks of community-based pharmacies.

Dr. Hatcher remains active in numerous professional organizations to continue advocating for patients, pharmacists, and students, while continuing to provide patient care. Dr. Hatcher's clinical practice site is the Mercy Health Center Pharmacy in Pittsburgh, where she provides direct patient care within both the pharmacy and internal medicine clinic as a member of an interdisciplinary care team.


  • PharmD, Hampton University, 2017
  • PGY1, Community Based Pharmacy Residency, University Arkansas Medical Sciences & Walmart Health & Wellness, 2018

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PHPR341 – Pharmacy Practice I: Patient Care Skills
PHPR444 – Pharmacy Practice III: Self-Care in Pharmacy Practice
PHPR 498 – Pharmaceutical Science and Practice of Immunization
PHPR 503 – Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services Certificate Training
PHBM 402 – Therapeutic Case Studies II: A Problem-Based Learning Approach
PHPR 479 – Clinical Preparation for Community Pharmacy Practice
PHPR 489 – Branding of Clinical Community Practice
Dr. Hatcher's research interests include patient safety and medication errors, in addition to chronic disease state management within underserved communities.