What Makes for a Good Contact Tracer?

Duquesne University Professor Kristin D'Acunto is an infectious disease expert who has thoughts on what Pennsylvania and other states should look for as they hire thousands of new contact tracers over the next few weeks.

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Stepping Up: Mike Kozminski, Manager of Chick-fil-A for Duquesne Dining

Duquesne's Stepping Up campaign recognizes Duquesne employees who are going above and beyond in their job duties to serve students and the local community during these uncertain times. First up is Mike Kozminski from Duquense Dining.

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Telemedicine Part of Our 'New Normal,' But It's Been Around for Decades

Telemedicine has played a key role in Duquesne's curriculum, as professors educate future nursing and health professionals on the best ways to deliver care virtually. Duquesne's faculty has decades of experience in telehealth solutions and can speak on the subject in a variety of ways.

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