Trained tutors and a comprehensive study skills program to enhance your academic experience.

Duquesne University students rely on the Michael P. Weber Learning center for free tutoring to help them master their subjects. From calculus to chemistry, languages to literature, philosophy to physics, this highly popular service is just one of many we make available to the entire student body. 

We have a very selective vetting process to ensure your tutoring experience is optimized. Our tutoring program supports Duquesne's high student retention rate and also provides important services to the schools and departments within the University.

We also bring our services into the greater Pittsburgh community as well, working with Pittsburgh Public Schools and other outreach programs in the area. 

Student Services

The Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center provides FREE tutorial services for Duquesne University students in many subjects.

Tutoring Available
  • In person or online
  • One-on-one, small or large groups

Tutoring Types
  • Course-based tutoring in registered courses
  • Developmental tutoring for skills development, future course preparation, and self enrichment
  • Exam Review Workshops (ERWs) in Biology, General and Organic Chemistry, and College Algebra
  • Assistance with Academic Strategies and study planning

For more information, contact our Tutorial Coordinator, April Wade

For tutoring requests, please fill out our Google form.

We offer a number of courses designed to strengthen your academic muscles, empowering you to excel in every course regardless of the subject matter:

Strategies for Academic Success

This course is designed to help students understand the academic rigors of college so they can develop personal approaches to achieve classroom success. Course content includes learning styles, time management, goal setting, critical and creative thinking, reading comprehension, effective note taking, and test taking strategies.

Intro to University Success:

This course is designed to help you adjust to new surroundings as University students. Discussions will concentrate on becoming familiar with Duquesne University---students, faculty, staff, services, and facilities---to maximize your college experience.

Pathways to Success:

This course is required for the second semester freshmen with a first semester QPA less than 2.00. There are many reasons why a student earns poor grades. These include not making connections on campus; being unsure about a major or starting an inappropriate course of study; missing home and family; poor time management and study skills; and other issues with adjusting to college. These issues and more are addressed in the course.

The Center also provides two College Success courses designed specifically to benefit international students. Students from foreign nations often face unique adjustments and challenges that students from the United States do not. These courses are offered to students on either a zero or one-credit basis.

Academic Strategies for International Students:

This course is designed to help international students understand how a U.S. university works. Course content includes goal setting, instructors' expectations, time management, library research, academic planning, creative thinking, note taking, and test taking strategies.

Seminar for New International Students:

This course is designed to help new undergraduate and graduate international students adjust to the social and academic aspects of Duquesne University.

For more information, please contact our Associate Director, Dr. Uhuru Hotep.
The Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center’s Academic Life Coaching Program provides Duquesne University students certified life coaches skilled in offering personalized and individualized student support.

Each staff member in the Learning Skills Center is certified. Academic Life Coaches act as guides, cheerleaders, accountability partners, and confidants. They focus on your learning habits and look for ways to successfully work towards your goals.


The mission of the Act 101 Program is to provide opportunities for college enrollment and success for students who are economically, educationally, or socially disadvantaged as defined by guidelines established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Act 101 program student group served is derived from two populations at the university: the GSD and the university at large.

Students who are not identified through the Spiritan Division are identified in the population at large using state guidelines & requirements. The state requires that participating institutions offer services to students who meet the economic, academic and social guidelines.

For more info, contact our PA Acts 101 Advisor, Josephine Rizzo.
The Outreach Opportunity Program Students (OOPS) program is aimed at improving the effectiveness of specifically identified marginally performing students and improving student retention and overall persistence toward obtaining a University degree.

For more information, please contact our Assistant to the Director of Retention and Evaluation, Ameya Ranade.
The PACT tutorial assistance program seeks to enhance the academic achievement of elementary, middle, and high school students in the Pittsburgh area. Students are tutored in reading, math, science, computers, social studies, and foreign languages. Duquesne students continue to serve for course credit, as college work study recipients, and as volunteers.  The tutors are very committed to helping the children who come to them for academic support and skill building. They also provide mentoring and career exploration demonstrations to tutees regarding career interest. 

For more information, please contact our PACT Coordinator, Vicki Bush.

Learning Skills Center Leadership

Judith Griggs Ph.D., M.A., B.S.


Gussin Spiritan Division and Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center

Dr. Judith Griggs

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Dr. Uhuru Hotep

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Vicki Bush

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Ameya Ranade

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