Application Deadlines

  • Early Action: November 15
  • Physician Assistant Studies: November 15. Select Early Action on the application. The application review committee begins to review applications for this program after the deadline.
  • Regular Decision: January 15 
    • Pro-tip: students who want to present an improved or advanced profile should consider applying for Regular Decision.

How to Apply

Enrollment Deposit

Confirm your enrollment by May 1 to reserve your place in the incoming class.

Physician Assistant Studies: Enrollment deposit due by the date indicated in your acceptance letter

Housing Selection Forms

The housing selection and roommate finder forms typically open in February to admitted students who have submitted their enrollment deposits. Residence Life reviews submissions as received, so they recommend completing them as soon as possible.

Confirm Your Enrollment

Scholarship Deadlines

Applications for First-Year University scholarships such as the Spirit of Community Scholarship and Spirit of Excellence Scholarship should be submitted by January 15.

Learn More About Scholarships

Financial Aid Dates

Applicants are reviewed for financial aid and academic scholarship eligibility when they apply. Parents or guardians should complete the following tasks when their student is applying for admission to Duquesne for the most accurate financial aid awards. 

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Typically Opens October 1;  the 24-25 application opened in December as part of FAFSA simplification. Duquesne's Federal School Code is 003258. Submit the FAFSA as soon as possible when applying for admission to the University for accurate financial aid packages. Use tax information from the prior year.  Federal Student Aid Estimator
  • PA State Grant: Pennsylvania residents should also apply for the PA State Grant after completing the FAFSA. Duquesne offers a matching award to PA State Grant recipients.
  • CSS Profile (optional): Families who prefer a more thorough review of finances than the FAFSA provides should consider creating a CSS Profile (in addition to submitting the FAFSA). Duquesne's CSS code is 2196. Creating a profile is not free, but some families may be eligible for a fee waiver

Learn More About Financial Aid

The 2025 Application opens this summer

Apply via Duquesne's Future Focused Application. You can also find us on Common App or Coalition x Scoir. Applications open August 1.

How to Apply for Special Programs

Honors College

Eligible students may be invited to the Honors College by the Office of Admissions when you apply for admission to the University, or you can apply to be considered. Current students can also apply after their first semester at Duquesne.

Pre-Medical & Health Professions Program

Applicants interested in the Pre-Medical & Health Professions Program (PMHPP) should check the box on the application to indicate interest in the program. Applicants interested in the New College of Medicine Early Assurance Program (EAP) will first need to be admitted to Duquesne University and the PMHPP program and then apply to the Early Assurance Program by November 15 of the first semester.

Pre-Law and Dual Degree Programs

The 3+3 accelerated program allows exceptional students to complete their undergraduate studies in three years and begin the Duquesne Kline School of Law in their fourth year. The Pre-Law Program provides advisement and a certificate program to students during the undergraduate portion of their studies. Students can apply directly to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/ Juris Doctor 3+3. Students interested in the Pre-Law program can check the box on the application after you select a program of study.

Contact Us

Enrollment Student Services

If you aren't sure who to ask, the Student Services Office is a good place to start. They can address concerns related to financial aid, billing, housing, academic success, and more!

College of Medicine Early Assurance Program

Beginning in 2023, Duquesne's new College of Medicine will admit seven first-year undergraduate students who have been admitted to the University's Pre-Medical and Health Professions Program (PMHPP) for Early Assurance to the College of Medicine.

Future Students 

To apply for PMHPP, you will select your undergraduate program and then check the box on the undergraduate application for the Pre-Medical & Health Professions Program. Learn more about the admissions requirements for the Pre-Medical & Health Professions Program.

Once admitted to Duquesne and the PMHPP, you will be able to apply to the Early Assurance Program by November 15 of your first semester.

Note that PMHPP students not admitted to the EAP can still apply for regular admission to the College of Medicine.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants not meeting the standards for the EAP at the time of application to the University but who ultimately meet the COM admission requirements are encouraged to apply to the medical school through the general application process. 

Application Procedure 

To be eligible for admission to the EAP, applicants must qualify in accordance with DUQCOM policy, and be U.S. citizens or hold permanent resident status. Applicants will be interviewed for conditional admission by DUQCOM in accordance with timelines outlined in this agreement. Based on a mutual agreement between the parties, a maximum number of 7 students will be chosen by DUQCOM for the EAP each year. 

If chosen by DUQCOM, successful applicants will be granted conditional admission to the DUQCOM program. Priority will be given to those EAP candidates who submit application information as described above. Additional EAP candidates may be considered from the waitlist up until the beginning of their sophomore year (based on the academic year, not credit hours) if there are EAP positions available in their respective cohorts.  

EAP Admission Standards 

For freshman/first year students admitted to Duquesne University and the PMHPP, the following standards must be met for consideration for the EAP program with DUQCOM: 

  • Academic Program Requirements for admission to the EAP Program
  1. Freshman and first year students must be admitted to an academic major program at Duquesne University and also admitted to the PMHPP.
  2. Students must be US citizens or hold permanent residency status.
  3. Students must have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale (unweighted).
  4. Students must have achieved at least a 27 on the ACT or 1280 on the SAT from one single test date, with no composite scores considered. Students provisionally accepted to the EAP program with these entrance metrics, maintain the requirements outlined below, and achieve an MCAT score at or above the 55th percentile before September 30 of the year prior to matriculation to DUQCOM, will be offered a seat in the medical school upon completion of their undergraduate degree. 
  5. Students who have achieved a 29 ACT or 1300 SAT from one single test date as above, with a 3.7 unweighted high school GPA who are accepted to the EAP program will be offered provisional acceptance into the medical school; maintenance of requirements as outlined below will result in the offer of a seat in the medical school upon completion of their undergraduate degree with no MCAT requirement. If a student in this category elects to take the MCAT, they must achieve a score in the 55th percentile or higher or will be removed from the program.
  6. Students must be able to meet the Health and Technical standards of DUQCOM, which can be found in the DUQCOM MBS Student Handbook.

Apply Now

The deadline to apply for the EAP is November 15 of your first semester.