What is DU CARES?

DU CARES is a resource for students encompassing information on drugs and alcohol run by Dr. Daniel Gittins, Associate Director for Alcohol and Drug Education. It is an important part of the Office of Residence Life at Duquesne University. 

We use educational awareness and harm prevention programs as an integral part of the SBIRT (a nationally recognized approach) model of intervention.

S - Screen
BI - Brief Intervention
RT - Referral to Treatment

Our Goals

The Goal of DU CARES is to help students navigate their time at Duquesne in making the most informed decisions they can based on solid information about the risks and use of alcohol and/or drugs. We want students making good decisions in and out of the classroom, be safe, successful, and be of solid integrity and character all of the time.

Teach students basic information about alcohol and other drugs. How alcohol effects different parts of the brain at various levels of intoxication and how that impacts decision making, judgement, and behavior.

Refer students to appropriate services if alcohol/other drugs become a problem.

Assist and support students in recovery.

Present programs to groups, organizations, and academic classes.

Provide suggestions on how to maintain a low-risk healthy lifestyle.

Assist those being affected by the drinking or other drug use of another person.

Offer late night and weekend programs for students where alcohol is not present.

Contact DU CARES

Dr. Dan Gittins

Associate Director for Alcohol and Drug Education

Associate Director Dr. Dan Gittins