Everyone on Duquesne's campus is responsible for risk reduction, and the Department of Risk Management provides oversight and guidance to the University community in this regard. As part of its risk reduction management, the Department provides services and training in the area of compliance with University policies and procedures, including with regard to the protection of minors on campus and management of the University's vehicle fleet. Relatedly, the Department of Risk Management works with members of the University community to proactively identify and mitigate risk that could impact the University's ability to meet its objectives and strategic initiatives. The Department also provides advice to the University community on compliance with applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations.

There are five overarching responsibilities within the Department of Risk Management:

1. Insurance portfolio management, claims oversight, and coverage guidance;
2. Compliance and risk mitigation advice and practices;
3. Anti-discrimination compliance;
4. Sexual misconduct prevention and response and Title IX compliance; and 
5. Environmental health and safety.