As an online student at Duquesne, you can choose from an array of high-quality fully online and hybrid learning experiences taught by teacher-scholar faculty who are leaders in their fields. Faculty's instructional strategies are grounded in scholarship, research and real-world experiences and use engaging technology to achieve the highest academic standards.

Here's What You Can Expect

An engaging and collaborative virtual classroom experience

Duquesne's online courses are not self-paced, independent study. They promote interactions with your professor and classmates, active participation in synchronous and/or asynchronous discussions, and submission of individual and collaborative assignments according to deadlines set by the professor.

Duquesne's online courses feature academically challenging coursework. They are as rigorous as on-campus courses and require the same amount of study and preparation time, completion of homework, and overall commitment to your educational goals.

Faculty availability

Duquesne's faculty are committed to developing strong relationships with online students. Duquesne online students - as individuals, in groups, and as a class - have regular contact with faculty through online discussions, virtual meetings, virtual office hours, email and other interactive technologies.

Innovative uses of technology for instruction and learning

Duquesne's online programs strive through the use of quality course design rubrics, professor training, and course curriculum to provide students with stimulating and effective learning experiences. Duquesne's online courses are designed around active learning strategies to promote independent action and thinking. Faculty provide students will meaningful feedback and direction so that they can learn and grow.

To make a commitment to be a successful online learner

Duquesne's online students should expect to reserve time each day to engage and participate actively in their online course. Our Essentials in Online Learning at Duquesne - Online Student Orientation provides tips and strategies for success used by online students to achieve their educational goals.

To have support services available to you

Duquesne is committed to the success of its students. Not only are its courses designed with you, the student learner, at the center, but you will also have an advisor and academic resources, such as an online writing center, online library services, and a learning support center able to assist you. You also will have access to an Orientation to Online Learning, to help prepare you for success in this learning environment.

Technology Requirements

Students at Duquesne interact with their online courses in a variety of ways. Computers and laptops purchased within the last 5 years provide the best experiences for engaging with online courses. Students also use iPads and smartphones to interact with their online courses while on the go.

Beyond the basic functional readiness of your computer or device, there are additional technology considerations that should be made in order to prepare for success when taking an online course.

Internet Access

Online students depend on reliable wired or wireless internet access to connect to their courses in Duquesne’s learning management system, Canvas, and to interact with instructors and other students through Zoom Meetings (real-time web conferencing). Students who own their own computers/devices and who are readily able to access their courses with stable and reliable internet access will be best positioned for success.

Real-Time Web Conferences

Computers or laptops with built in webcams and microphones allow students to participate in Zoom Meetings with their classmates and instructor. Machines without built in webcams should be equipped with a webcam and headset, to support these real-time learning experiences.

Hardware and Software

Duquesne's Computer Store is an authorized vendor of Apple and Dell Computers and iPads. The store offers educational discounts to students on these purchases, as well as on other hardware and software. Duquesne students also have access to a free software catalog supported and maintained by the University.


Online students are encouraged to have a plan for backing up their files and work. Duquesne offers free access to Box Cloud Storage, but there are other options available, such as iCloud or Google Drive.

Program-Specific Requirements

Prospective students are encouraged to check the individual program web page to determine whether any technical requirements exist for their desired online program of study.

Resources and Support

Computing and Technology Services (CTS) supports online students with their technical needs. The IT Service Desk offers support 7 days a week via phone, LiveChat, email, or walk-in visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you decide which program is the best fit for you, visit the Apply Now web page. Choose the Graduate Application button if you are applying for a graduate program or choose the Apply button below the Accelerated Online Bachelor's Degrees heading for the online bachelor's degree option. Check with the program you have chosen for additional application requirements.
Your classes will be engaging, interactive, and participatory! You will be part of a community of learners involved in coursework, collaboration, and learning with your peers and from your professors about the course's content. Read more about the characteristics of our online courses - Online Student Experience.
Duquesne University is committed to student success! You will have writing and learning support, a help desk, an academic advisor, and others to help you stay focused on your learning. You will have easy access to many support services right within your online course site.
Occasionally, but not for all your courses. Some of your professors will ask students to attend a live webinar session as part of the course's instructions. These times will be posted when you register for the course, and the sessions will be archived and available to you.
Online courses at Duquesne are taught through the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). You'll get a password protected account that allows you to access your courses on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
Except for unique situations, you can take your exams anywhere you have an Internet connection and are able to log-in to your course site. For some of your exams, you will be asked to use our online exam proctoring service. Not all courses have formal exams. You will find our professors use many forms of assessment, such as papers, projects, and webinar presentations to evaluate your performance and learning.
Your diploma will say Duquesne University, and you will join 93,000 other Duquesne University alumni! You will be invited to join Duquesne's Alumni Association, network with fellow graduates, participate in one of the many nation-wide alumni events, receive Duquesne's alumni magazine, and proudly wear a Duquesne class ring and our blue and red colors!