Your Opportunities at Duquesne

Your college journey starts here. And like most journeys, there are many pathways you can take that can lead to achieving your biggest goals! It’s an exciting time to be open to discovery and to try new things.

We encourage you to discover and shape your path to success using our integrated program of academic exploration, career planning, and professional development that is designed to help you:

  • Discover your interests, strengths, values, and passions
  • Shape your future career paths, consider social and community impact, and think about your goals and purpose

Our Bridges Common Learning Experience, our commitment to your experience and our distinctive setting are ideal for helping you discover options and your personal direction.

Ready to Discover? See our helpful checklist before visiting campus.  

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We're Prepared for You

Duquesne grads are prepared for anything. And our staff is prepared for anything you may want to explore. Let us know you want to discover your options, and we'll get you started!

Get Started: Apply to Discover

When you apply, select the “Discover” option as an area of interest overall or as a major option within business, education, liberal arts or science & engineering.

Discover Your Path to Success 

Two students sitting together

Discover Business

As a Discover Business student, you will have the opportunity to double major or pick multiple minors. No need to commit to just one passion.

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Education students in classroom

Discover Education

As a Discover Education student, you will have four semesters to explore options before choosing your specific major.

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Discover Liberal Arts

As a Discover Liberal Arts student, courses can double and even triple count towards degree requirements, which means you have more opportunity to double major or pick up multiple minors.

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Discover Science

Your first year as Discover Science student is about exploring your options and discovering your strengths. We will help you find a science career path that is right for you.

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Discover Your Support

A dedicated network of student success coaches, faculty advisors, career planning and development counselors, wellbeing and health advocates, financial aid counselors, alumni mentors, and others will walk alongside you on your path to success at Duquesne and beyond.

A Duquesne student meeting with a student success coach

Start with Your Success Coach

You can start to discover and shape your path during the spring of your senior year of high school and the summer before you arrive on campus. Meet virtually with your Success Coach, learn more about your strengths, and begin connecting with fellow classmates in your Discover cohort, designed for students exploring their options for majors.

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First-Year Mentors

Our First-year Mentors Program provides a unique opportunity for new students to have someone to talk to, to hang out with or to just vent. As a first-year student, you are assigned one of our many supportive University community members including an academic advisor, resident assistant and orientation team leader, just to name a few.

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Career Planning & Discovery

It's never too early to get to know the people in our Center for Career Development. Take advantage of a one-on-one appointment with a Career Consultant, use virtual resources, connect with employers, seek individual guidance and attend programs designed to help you explore careers and develop your job-search skills.

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Bridges Curriculum

Every undergraduate student in every school of study at Duquesne takes a series of courses that emphasize intellectual and moral development through the study of the liberal arts. In addition to building crucial skills for later success, our Bridges curriculum allows you to study a wide variety of subjects and graduate with the richest possible academic experience.

How Does Bridges Help You Explore Your Path?

Our Bridges curriculum prepares you for what’s next and ensures that you’ll never have to narrow your ambitions. The curriculum is designed to overlap with every major at Duquesne so you can maximize progress toward your degree while having the opportunity to discover new interests or pursue additional goals.

Two Duquesne education students in the Curriculum Center
Our curriculum is designed to intersect with your major and to give you room to pursue courses and out-of-classroom learning opportunities that excite you. Bridges is not a pre-determined set of survey courses—we take a choose-your-own adventure approach. Know exactly where you want to go? We have a map for that. Ready to explore and discover new interests and talents? We have a map for that, too.

Designed with input from employers and hiring managers, Bridges courses prepare you to adapt and evolve in a dynamic professional landscape.

Exam credits like AP, College in High School courses, transfer credits from other institutions: bring them with you!

You can pursue credentials in addition to any major you elect to pursue, such as certificates, minors or additional majors.

Bridges introduces you to Duquesne’s specific Catholic and Spiritan heritage through courses that explore the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition, help you develop skills for ethical reasoning, challenge you to ask essential questions, engaged you in communities both local and global.


Connect your classroom learning to the professional world with hands-on learning opportunities. We'll make sure you gain the professional confidence, impressive experience and powerful networks you need to get a running start on a meaningful career.

You can consider some or all of the following as you explore:

  • Job shadowing and externships
  • Internships, travel courses, immersion programs, and independent study opportunities
  • Undergraduate research and field work
  • Service learning
  • Study abroad

"As I progressed through each stage of my career journey—job search, résumé, interviews, acceptance—my career advisor was there to meet the unique challenge that came with each stage. It is advantages such as these that make Duquesne's Center for Career Development truly unique and incomparable."

Ronnie Coleman, B'23, Business Administration, Supply Chain Associate, Nestlé

Duquesne student working in Maker Space lab

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

You Can Take Many Paths

Caroline Kucko in commencement robe

When I started at Duquesne, I knew I was interested in media but wasn’t completely sure which facet of it I wanted to study. I made a point to take classes from a variety of programs and ultimately chose Integrated Marketing Communication to get a broad understanding of the field.

Caroline Kucko '22 Corporate Communications Coordinator, SiriusXM
Student Connor Lenz headshot

"I chose Duquesne for its high-quality academics, great campus life, and the elite football program. I’m a Discover Science major and exploring different areas to study. I'm interested in the sciences because I’m passionate about working out and health/nutrition, so I want to be something along the lines of a trainer or coach.

Connor Lenz '26 Discover Science Student
Student Samantha Vail in commencement robe at ceremony

"I looked at what other majors Duquesne offered because I knew I loved the University, but was second guessing my choice in major. I found the most enjoyment in marketing and communications so I transferred to the liberal arts school to study integrated marketing communications. I knew I made the right choice because I loved my classes."

Samantha Vail '22 Marketing Project Manager, Ronin Advertising Group

Discover—in the classroom and beyond

Duquesne is big enough to have many options—and close-knit enough to make great connections along the way.

280+Student Organizations

Try a few out to see what you like. One of the best ways to discover your major is to get involved in things that interest you. You’ll meet great people doing things you might not know are possible. And you’ll make connections that will last a lifetime!


Location matters. You’ll find plenty to do both on and off campus. Duquesne is situated in the heart of Pittsburgh, a city of 90 diverse neighborhoods where everyone can be themselves. And just a few blocks from campus, you’ll find Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and startups—for internships and work, plus three major-league sports teams and a cultural district—for play!

10Schools of Study

When you’re ready to choose the major that fits your goals, we’ll be ready to help you make the most of your academic ambitions. With 85+ undergraduate majors and 110 graduate and certificate programs, you’ll find just the right fit for you.

1:1 HelpLearning Together

You’ll feel supported at Duquesne University by the many people who work together to help you succeed. Our student success coaches know that, as a Discover student, you are looking at options. They will help you plan your classes, your course schedule and your overall study experience.


Before You Come to CampusAerial campus shot

  • Discuss the Discover program for exploring your career path with your parents and family.
  • Meet virtually with your Success Coach.
  • Learn more about your personality, strengths, interests, and values by taking an online self assessment and discussing the results with your Success Coach.
  • Connect with fellow classmates in your cohort through our dedicated social channel.
  • Plan to attend the Discovering Cohort as part of First-year Advising Summer Transition (FAST) and First-year Orientation. You will be able to participate in activities designed specifically for students exploring options.

Thoughtful exploration

In the U.S., 75 percent of all college students change their major at least once. It's not that students are indecisive. Rather, students make changes because they learn, explore, and refine their sense of what they can do to lead a meaningful life and career. Because they thoughtfully explore paths, cross bridges, and make connections that expand their horizons, Duquesne students leave feeling prepared for anything. You can, too.