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AVST Voicemail Setup

The first time you access your voice mailbox on the new system, you will be asked to change your security code, record your name, and record a personal greeting.

1. Access Your New Mailbox

You will login to your new mailbox using a temporary security code.

  1. Call the voice mail system at x4740 (or 412-396-4740 from off-campus or from a cell phone).
  2. IMPORTANT: After the voice prompt press the *(Star Key) and continue by entering your 4-digit extension number (mailbox number).
  3. Enter the temporary security code of 3853 (or DUKE).
  4. Please Note: If you hear "Invalid Entry" after you enter your extension number your voice mailbox does NOT exist. Call the Help Desk (412-396-4357) to request that a ticket be entered to create a voice mailbox.

The system will now play a brief introduction to get you acquainted with using voice mail.

2. Change Your Security Code

You will be prompted to select a new 4-digit security code for your mailbox.

  1. Enter a new security code
  2. Please Note: This number cannot match your current extension number; however, you may choose to reuse your current voice mailbox security code.
  3. Press # when completed.
  4. Re-enter your security code to confirm and Press #.
3. Record your name

You will now be prompted to record your first and last name.

  1. Press 2 to begin recording. You will now be prompted to record your first and last name. Simply state you first and last name only. Do not record your greeting at this time.
  2. Press 2 to end recording.
  3. Press 5 to save or Press 6 to review.
  4. Press 4 to discard and re-record or Press * (star key) to cancel.
  5. Press # for Help.
4. Record a personal greeting

You will now be prompted to create your personal greeting.

Example: "Hi, this is John Doe. I am away from my desk or on another line. Please leave a message at the tone and I will return your call. Thank you.

  1. Press 2 to begin recording and Press 2 to end recording.
  2. Press 2 again to continue recording if you need to add to your personal greeting.
  3. Press 5 to save your greeting or Press 6 to listen to your greeting (review).
  4. Press 4 to Discard and re-record.
  5. Press 3 to back up 5 seconds or Press 9 to advance 5 seconds.
  6. Press * (star key) to cancel.
  7. Press # for Help.
  8. Once you are satisfied with your greeting, just save

Congratulations your new voice mailbox is now setup!

Voicemailbox Setup PDF

New Voicemail Guide