The Office of the University Registrar provides academic and enrollment services in support of students, faculty, academic and administrative departments, alumni, and external agencies. These services include the publication of the schedule of classes and classroom assignments, oversight of registration and the final exam schedule, collection of midterm and final grades, production of official university transcripts and enrollment verifications, and the awarding of degrees and issuance of diplomas. Additional responsibilities include FERPA notification and compliance, NCAA compliance, PCHE Cross-Registration, Banner Student System support, Review Academic Program Progress (RAPP) management, as well as service to our veterans.

Please email registrarFREEDUQUESNE with questions regarding University-Registrar-related services.

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University Registrar

Main Office

Fax: (412) 396-5622

Dr. Kimberly Hoeritz, Ed.D.

University Registrar

Walter Acevedo, M.Div.

Assistant Registrar for Systems

Sandy Fornauf

Administrative Assistant

Jeonghwa Garlow

Assistant Registrar for Records

JoAnne Hrehocik

Assistant Registrar for Course Management & Scheduling

Rose Kennel

Administrative Assistant for Scheduling

Mackenzie Martin

Administrative Assistant

Jeremy Mayernik, M.S.A.

Associate Registrar for Systems & Innovation

Dorothy Rigby, M.S.Ed.

Associate Registrar for Records

Kathy Scheer

Assistant Registrar for Enrollment Certification / VA Certifying Official