How to order a transcript

  • Transcripts may not be ordered over the phone, by email, or by a third party. All transcript requests must be ordered online.
  • There is a document and service fee of $10 per transcript. Express mailing fees are additional. Applicable fees for processing, transcripts, and delivery will be charged and must be paid by credit or debit card at the time the order is placed.
  • Transcripts will not be faxed. Electronic delivery of PDF transcripts is available with your order to expedite delivery.
  • If picking up a transcript in-person, a photo ID is required. Transcripts cannot be picked up by third-parties without the student's written consent.
  • We cannot be responsible for non-receipt of transcript requests or non-delivery by the postal service.
  • Continuing Education students in the Financial Planning, Paralegal Institute, Professional Coaching, and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner programs should contact their program office to request information.

Ordering Instructions

See below for ordering instructions for current students, former students, and college in high school students.

Ordering Transcripts

In the Duquesne Portal, use the STUDENT PROFILE tile to select STUDENT PROFILE > ORDER TRANSCRIPT. You will be transferred to the National Student Clearinghouse. Click the 2nd bullet/link from the bottom of the page, "Order a Transcript," to begin.

Graduating students: Degrees are typically awarded approximately three weeks following the commencement date for each term and will not appear on your transcript until that time. 

To determine if your degree has been awarded: view your ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT in your Student Profile to check for your degree and degree date below DEGREE AWARDED. 

If you need a transcript with your degree posted, and it has not yet been awarded, select AFTER DEGREE IS AWARDED under PROCESSING DETAILS on your order form. Your transcript will automatically be released once the degree is awarded. (Note: All financial obligations to the University must be met.) If your degree has been awarded, do not select this option.

If you need a transcript that includes your final grades for the current term in progress, select AFTER GRADES ARE POSTED under PROCESSING DETAILS on your order form.  Your transcript order with be held and processed when all your final grades are posted to your academic record after finals week. (Note: All financial obligations to the University must be met.)
Click below to go to the National Student Clearinghouse to order your transcript.  (College in High School students should also select this option.)National Student Clearinghouse
Click below to go to the National Student Clearinghouse to order your transcript.

Please Note: When ordering your transcript, you may receive a pop-up message during the ordering process stating "Student Record Was Not Found. Do you want to edit the student's personal information you entered?" Please click "NO". Then click "Continue".  Please know we will receive your order and be able to process it.  College in High School students have limited personal information in our database, which causes this message to pop up.
National Student Clearinghouse
Please contact Virginia Zaccari, Paralegal Institute Program Director at to obtain a copy of your Paralegal transcript. You cannot request your transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse site.