Apply for Graduation

  • All candidates are required to apply for graduation by the date listed in the Academic Calendar.
  • To apply, log in to your STUDENT PROFILE and select “Apply to Graduate”

Completing Your Work

  • All coursework must be complete and all graduation requirements met by the date published in the Academic Calendar.
  • Failure to meet these requirements will result in disapproval of the student’s application.
  • Candidates who are not cleared for graduation must reapply for graduation at the beginning of the semester when completion is anticipated and by the published deadline.
  • Students are cleared for their degrees after all grades for their final semester have been submitted and reviewed.

Thesis or Dissertation

  • Please review the Policies for Thesis or Dissertation
  • For students completing a thesis or dissertation, follow the Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) Process.
  • All thesis and dissertation work must be completed and submitted by the required due dates.
  • ETD requirements will be considered to be met upon receipt of the candidate’s signed Signature Page and ETD approval (if required) from Gumberg Library.

Diploma Information

  • All diplomas will be mailed to students’ Home/Permanent Address (or Foreign Address for International students), unless a Diploma Address is added in Self-Service Banner.

  • Should a diploma be returned to the university because an address is undeliverable, the student will be responsible for payment of fees to mail the diploma a second time.

  • Only the degree name prints on the diploma, majors, minors, and concentrations print only on the official transcript.

Clearing Your Student Account

  • Please be sure to clear your student account of any outstanding financial obligations (tuition, fees, housing, library, parking), as we cannot release your diploma if you have a balance due.
  • Check for Holds in the Duquesne Portal through your Student Profile.
  • The Student Accounts Office can be reached at 412-396-6585 or studentaccountsFREEDUQUESNE.

Final Steps